Codenvy, S.A.

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Codenvy, S.A. Codenvy makes fast, secure, and extensible developer environments that eliminates inefficiencies in software development, improves release velocity and secures IP. The Codenvy Developer Environment Cloud is available in our hosted cloud or your on-premises environment. Based upon open Eclipse projects, Codenvy works with your processes by integrating with traditional IDEs, ALM, frameworks, libraries, databases, code repositories, CI, and PAAS/IAAS. This simplicity is why Google, WSO2, Atlassian, Intuit and Accenture use Codenvy today. We have 50 employees with offices in San Francisco, Redding, Luxembourg, and the Ukraine. Codenvy has raised $9M from Toba Capital, Auriga Ventures, and angels. For more information, please visit us at

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