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As a pioneer in the test activities, ALL4TEC has been developing its expertise for more than 15 years, throughout various domains such as Automotive, Transportations, Energy & Utilities, Services, and Telecommunications industries. Through the development of leading-edge engineering solutions, ALL4TEC helps its clients to reach the highest levels of performance and assists them in the achievement of their objectives. Thus, ALL4TEC clients increase efficiency of functional validation and safety analysis of their systems.

All4TEC's Marketplace Listings

  • Safety Architect
    Safety Architect is a tool achieving risk analysis of complex systems using functional or physical architectures from usual modeling tools (for example SysML or UML). It provides support to the implementation of FMEA and automatically deducts the ...
  • MaTeLo
    As a Model-Based Testing tool, MaTeLo (Markov Test Logic), offers opportunity to improve all the validation life cycle. This innovative solution, built on a mature process of validation, includes an association of models, traceability, evaluation and...


All4TEC contributes to one or more Eclipse Projects!


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