2lemetry is focused on building the Internet of Things in the Enterprise to drive business transformation and innovation. We provide the quickest and most cost effective approach for connecting devices to a business application, while creating measurable business value.

2lemetry’s Device Cloud Platform makes it easy for companies to communicate and manage remote devices, regardless of the type of device, the language (protocol) of the device, or its location around the globe.

Traditionally, connecting devices and managing device data is a complex, expensive undertaking, often requiring significant upfront capital investment while taking months, or even years, to implement. 2lemetry removes market barriers, allowing devices to be connected within days, not weeks or months. Additionally, all device data is securely stored in triplicate and made available to the companies in a standard format. This allows companies to use the device data in their existing applications, applications developed by 2lemetry, or those engineered by other developers.