Codetrails is a software innovation company focused on using data analysis and machine-learning to provide software development organizations with more intelligent software tools. Using the tools as a basis, the team provides software development and integration services designed to improve knowledge transfer among developers. Codetrails Eclipse expertise can enhance your development efforts in areas including both legacy and the newest versions of the technology. Located in Darmstadt, Germany, the team contributes to the open source community through leadership and development on the Code Recommenders project. For more information visit

Codetrails's Marketplace Listings

  • Codetrails Connect Community Edition 1.3.1
    Codetrails Connect Community Edition (from the people who brought you Eclipse Code Recommenders) is a platform for software development teams where experienced developers can share the knowledge how to use an API with their team or even the whole Ec...
  • Ctrlflow Code Search 1.3.1
    Code Search. Redefined. Searching for and analyzing code snippets is tiresome and takes up more than half of a Java developers time. But with Ctrlflow, thats all history. Find code snippets. Lightning fast and always a step ahead. Ctrlflow p...


Codetrails contributes to one or more Eclipse Projects!