New and Noteworthy

Here are descriptions of some of the more interesting or significant changes made to the Memory Analyzer for the 1.9 release.

Enhancements and fixes

One of the main enhancements is the export HPROF query. This allows a new HPROF file to be generated from a snapshot, with the redaction of data such as character or byte array values or field values. This could be useful to allow future analysis of the new HPROF dump without exposing sensitive data.

There is also a way to compare two heap dumps with a basic batch mode report using ParseHeapDump.

Memory Analyzer 1.8.1 also added more icons for queries and icons which worked better in high contrast or dark modes.

New and Noteworthy for Memory Analyzer 1.8

The New and Noteworthy document for version 1.8 is available here.