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4798Icon Set: Fam Fam Silk Icon Set Version Version: 1.3 (PB CQ2019)Creative Commons Attribution License 2.5unmodified binary

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3794DTFJ: Subject to distribution under this license and no other, any versionInternational License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programsworks with
3854vm.jar from IBM VMs Version: IBM Java 6International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programsworks with


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Andreas Buchen SAP AG
Andrew Johnson IBM
Erwin Margewitsch SAP AG
Elena Nayashkova SAP AG
Krum Tsvetkov SAP AG

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Andrew Johnson (uk.ibm.com)
255510 20346 bytes Finalizer queries don't work for IBM VMs
Patch for multiple finalizer threads + IBM/Sun differences
256248 1010 bytes Huge object arrays are slow to view in the object inspector
Patch to only read the required element of the array
257791 1052 bytes IBM 1.5 collections mischaracterized as IBM 1.6
Patch to detirmine type of dump - IBM Java 5/6/1.4.2
262531 3420 bytes Allow showing of unreachable objects as an option.
Example of how dead objects might be made roots/marked
266231 4468 bytes NullPointerException on some reports on phd dump
Try to get the referent when fields do not exist
266348 7918 bytes Configurable queries for Java Collections: Hash Entries and Extract Hash Set values
Make the queries configurable and allow for null tables
267592 5163 bytes NullPointerException with IBM Java 5.0 PHD and class loader query
Generalize loader queries
250741 1537 bytes Deleting index files fails for dumps with [] in name.
comment #0
Benjamin Muskalla (tasktop.com)
318263 2671 bytes Remove o.e.platform branding bundle
318618 2870 bytes Use URLImageDescriptor to load images
Brian Peacock (uk.ibm.com)
337519 671 bytes Filter column doesn't work on Linux
Patch for UI filter textfield for Linux
340349 582 bytes With IBM PHD, gc root not calculated if object points to itself
Patch to stop obj pointing to itself not being gcroot elligible
Chris Grindstaff (gstaff.org)
256154 2801 bytes Inspector: Strings With Large Char Arrays
256155 3430 bytes Inspector: Find primitive arrays with a constant value
258222 601 bytes Add RGB resolver so RGB objects display their red/green/blue
RGB instead of RBG
258224 10716 bytes InspectorView enhancement to render ImageData and RGBs
patch with transparency fix
273915 1371 bytes New resolvers URL, Point and Rectangle
plugin xml changes for new resolvers
Dimitar Giormov (sap.com)
318989 13457 bytes Proposal for extension: Resolver for jruby
jruby stackrace reading is added.
340801 9824 bytes jruby stacks are does not appear when rubyrunnable is not in the stacktrace
added more scenarios including Main Thread
Filippo Pacifici (gmail.com)
372575 13639 bytes Autocompletion and syntax highlighting in OQL editor
patch to org.eclipse.mat.tests (with license header)
Hiroyuki (gmail.com)
270787 4081 bytes When the help displayed under the ArgumentWizard resizes, it blinks
Jens Elkner (linofee.org)
312623 1597 bytes RCP Solaris x86_64
comment #3
Jonathan Lawrence (uk.ibm.com)
340196 4956 bytes MAT ToolBar buttons are not read by JAWS screenreader
Patch enabling toolbar buttons for accessible screenreader.
341685 51673 bytes Accessibility: JAWS should read description of graphics, and column headers in tables and trees.
Revised fix for this bug, includes NLS support for icon labels.
378505 2401 bytes getMATClassName() in DTFJIndexBuilder.java assumes valid class name
Change algorithm for determining dimensionality of array types, plus minor restructure.
Julie Stalley (uk.ibm.com)
341453 9387 bytes Unable to read the Getting Started dialog correctly with JAWS
Proposed patch
Kaloyan Raev (sap.com)
318989 833 bytes Proposal for extension: Resolver for jruby
patch for preference pages filter
Kevin Grigorenko (us.ibm.com)
338027 946 bytes Grouping by class loader in the Dominator Tree query is incorrect
Proposed patch
353517 35115 bytes Proposed patch to combine Thread Overview and Thread Stacks queries
Proposed patch to combine Thread Overview and Thread Stacks queries V3
364505 6656 bytes Proposed patch to be able to explicitly set pie slice colors
Proposed patch to be able to explicitly set pie slice colors
367518 868 bytes Sometimes tree nodes are not expanded after asynchronous update ("updating...")
Proposed fix
367521 4685 bytes Proposed patch to add preference to hide query popup help
Pete Robbins (uk.ibm.com)
340273 2755 bytes Allow wild card search in Open Heap Dump
Patch to add wild card filter
341482 1916 bytes Overview chart image not readable for users who use high contrast settings
PieChartPane patch
341880 4586 bytes Legend text is truncated in chart images
reworked patch against latest revision
341882 2763 bytes Update supported BIRT version to 2.3
Update dependency to BIRT 2.3
376048 613 bytes New DTFJ version 1.10 requires MAT code change
Patch to implement new JavaClass interface method
Toby Corbin (uk.ibm.com)
341498 10170 bytes Pie Charts are not accessible
patch solves the accessibility problem


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