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Mangrove Editor - Connect your BPM and SOA Visually

The new Mangrove Editor is almost ready! It allows graphical editing of the contents of your Mangrove instance. You can:

  • Inspect the SOA and BPM artifacts you have built in the workspace using Eclipse SOA editors
  • Create, Update or Delete elements such as business processes, activities and services
  • Connect to your SOA repository to get the most commonly used services that make sens in your workspace and have them available in the Mangrove palette
To get a glimpse of the functionalities of the new editor, read the scenario below.

Mangrove Editor Usage Scenario

This scenario involves the following steps:
  1. Creation of a simple process in BPMN
  2. Generation and visualization of the corresponding Mangrove instance in the Mangrove Editor
  3. Adding services to the diagram from the Mangrove Editor palette
  4. Connecting process steps to services

Simple Process in BPMN

Generation and Visualization of the Mangrove Instance

Adding Services

Using an external wizard (not shown), the Mangrove palette can be enriched to contain services from the SOA repository that are widely used in the workspace. The tooltips associated to the service entries in the palette show their repository (or public) location. They can then be added to the actual Mangrove diagram, making them available for connections with business process' steps.

Connecting Process Steps to Services

Once the services are available in the diagram, they can be connected to the appropriate process activities. This would ensure they are visible in all the appropriate editors (BPMN, SCA or others) that need to be aware of these connections.

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