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16 Feb 2011
60 bugs The LTTng team improved the visualization tools and performance. All help content is maintained in wiki and with Mylyn Wikitext. .spec file and changelog editors properly show/use Mylyn hyperlinks when bug reference is detected.

New in Linux Tools 0.7

GNU Autotools Support

Error Detection

The Autotools configuration builder has been enhanced to recognize errors that occur in running the configure script and flag them in the console. In addition, these problems are noted in the Problems view as well.

Pkg-config Configure Error Problems View

ChangeLog Tools

Removed Method Support

The ChangeLog plug-in has been fixed so that it will detect when methods are removed from a Java file and automatically generate a reference to the method. This functionality already existed for C/C++ functions/methods.

Mylyn bug hyperlinks

The ChangeLog plug-in has been enhanced so it shows bug references as hyperlinks and allows opening them with Mylyn.

RPM .spec Editor

Mylyn bug hyperlinks

The RPM .spec file editor plug-in has been enhanced so it shows bug references as hyperlinks and allows opening them with Mylyn.

Error line matcher

The RPM .spec file editor plug-in has been enhanced to properly detect rpmbuild errors in build output and shows them as hyperlinks pointing to the line in the editor when rpmbuild reports it.

Valgrind Profiling

Mac OSX Support

As Valgrind now officially supports Mac OSX, our Valgrind integration feature can now be installed on OSX.


Histogram View

The Histogram View layout has been improved. The larger histogram, at the bottom, shows the events distribution over the whole trace. The timetamps (sec.nanosec) correspond to the first and the last events in the trace. The selected area corresponds to the current time range window. When clicking in that viewer, the mouse wheel can be used to zoom in/out and update the time range window.

The smaller histogram, on the top right of the view, is a zoom of the current time range window. It also has timestamps on the bottom that correspond to the time range. The scale of the histogram (i.e. the number of events) is displayed on the right.

The three text fields keep track of, respectively, [1] the timestamp of the currently selected event, [2] the time range window size, and [3] the timestamp of the window center.

Alt text for the image

Help re-vamped

The LTTng Help was re-vamped base on the wiki-based LTTng User Guide.

Individual trace analysis

It is now possible to bypass the experiment and to select an individual trace for analysis. The trace can be selected from the Traces folder or from an experiment folder (under Experiments).

Performance Improvements

Miscellaneous performance improvements. The current version runs ~20 times faster than the original delivery (which was definitely not a speed demon...) and executes now in an acceptable time compared to the C version of the visualizer.


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