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18 March 2010
76 bugs Niels Thykier and Benjamin Drung provided many patches for eclipse-build and ran test builds to verify fixes and improvements. Anithra contributed the SystemTap dashboard and removed the SystemTap server dependency. Thanks to Jens Seidel and Roland Grunberg who helped test & fix SystemTap bugs. Jens also helped with testing our Autotools integration.

New in Linux Tools 0.5

GNU Autotools Support

Change to .autotools file

The latest version of the Autotools plug-in has changed the format of the .autotools file to store configurations with their configuration id rather than name. In addition, the order of configuration options has been stabilized to a set order.

ChangeLog Tools

Removed function/method support

A fix has been made to the ChangeLog plug-in so it adds removed methods and function names to a prepared ChangeLog entry.

Sample ChangeLog function removal

Building the Eclipse SDK

New SDK version

Eclipse-build has been updated to build the new version of the Eclipse SDK 3.5.2.

System libraries

Eclipse-build has been extended to use system jars for external dependencies instead of the jars shipped with SDK.


ECF build is part of the bootstrapping step now allowing us to use the just built ecf instead of rebuilding them after the SDK build.

Eclipse Callgraph

Multi-threaded profiling

Callgraph can now trace function calls in multi-threaded programs. No difference in terms of the user interface, but now when graphing Callgraph will automatically track which functions belong to which thread and display them accordingly.

Multi-threaded program in radial view

Convert To DOT Language

Eclipse Callgraph can now save graphs to the DOT language. In Eclipse Callgraph, click the main menu and choose File -> Save As, then choose an option to save parts of the graph or the whole graph as a .dot file. Graphs in DOT language can then be graphed or converted to other formats (e.g. PDF, PNG, etc.) by any of a large number of existing DOT parsing programs.

Sample Callgraph-generated .dot file and resulting graph in graphviz

GCov Integration

Code coverage

GCov code coverage output files can now be visualized in Eclipse. An application compiled with "-fprofile-arc" "-ftest-coverage" will generate 2 coverage output files (*.gcda/*.gcno) for each source file of the program. Double clicking on one of these files provides an overview of coverage for the whole program. In addition, source files are annotated with lines covered their frequency of execution.

GCov screenshot GCov screenshot

RPM Stubby

Improved Maven projects support

Proper install for jars in a pom project and make use %{_mavenpomdir} macro.

Alt text for the image


Ability to generate gcj specific parts has been dropped.


Use %global macro instead of %define. See here for details.

Alt text for the image

RPM .spec Editor

Download sources

Sources defined in the spec file can be downloaded now from inside Eclipse.

Alt text for the image

SRPM Import

SRPM import wizard creates RPM project directly instead of running the generic new project.

Alt text for the image


Wizards have been grouped in RPM category.

Alt text for the image

General editing

  • Double click strategy has been improved.
  • Text Editor configuration is properly inherited now.

Systemtap GUI

SystemTap Dashboard

The Dashboard Perspective is the most advanced part of SystemTap GUI. It is designed to allow users to browse and run prebuilt modules in order to see multiple graphs updating in sequence.The dashboard allows for visualizing specific system activities graphically.

SystemTap dashboard

Removed server dependency

The SystemTap GUI server is now redundant. SystemTap scripts are executed using remote ssh.

Linux Tracing Tools

LTTng Integration

The LTTng project aims at providing highly efficient tracing tools for Linux. Its tracers help tracking down performance issues and debugging problems involving multiple concurrent processes and threads.

The scope of this project is to provide an Eclipse-based alternative to LTTV, a front-end that allows visualization and analysis of traces generated by LTTng tracers.

Refer to the integrated help for a description of the initial features including the new LTTng perspective and views.

LTTng Perspective


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