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What's new in Jubula in Neon

Performance improvements

We have made various improvements to the performance when saving, opening test results, and working with the ITE in general.

The completeness checks and teststyle checks have been decoupled from saving, which also results in less waiting time after each save action.

Copy and paste support within and between editors

It is now possible to copy and paste Test Cases, Test Steps and Test Suites within and between editors.

The source editor must be saved before performing a copy action.

Copy and Paste
Additional support for JavaFX

We have added support for components such as data pickers, sliders, tree tables and also for checking properties at the mouse position.

In-editor comments

You can now add multi-line comments in editors to add more information about the actions following the comment.

In-editor comments
New actions for the SWT and GEF toolkits

The support for the SWT and GEF toolkits has been improved to allow checking properties of selected items (e.g. in lists, trees and tree tables), and also to allow more actions on the GEF figure canvas.

Updates to the support in the client API

The client API for writing tests in Java now supports screenshots on error and also allows self-written extensions for non-standard components to be used as a part of a client API test.

Individual profile selection for technical names in the object mapping editor

In the object mapping editor, you can now specify a separate object recognition profile for individual technical names.

This lets you use the standard heuristic recognition profile for all components, but e.g. the "Given Name" profile for specific, named components. These components will only be located based on their name. Object Mapping Profiles

Fixed Bugs for Neon

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