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What's new in Jubula in Mars

You can also read our blog entry containing the feature tour for 8.0

New Jubula Client API for writing tests in Java Code

We've created a whole new layer in the ITE that allows you to write functional UI tests via an official Java client API. Detailed information of the architecture and how to start can be found in the Developer Manual.

There are two blog entries here and here on this feature.

The video teaser for the Eclipse Con Talk about the API is here

Reporting to ALM systems now supports status changes

You can now specify in the Project properties that you want to update fields on tasks in ALM repositories after a test has run. This allows you to automatically change e.g. the status of tasks based on test results. There is a property inspector to let you see what properties a specific task has.

Reporting Rules
Further support for JavaFX AUT's

We have added more support for testing JavaFX AUT's and have fixed issues occurring in this toolkit. Code coverage is now supported for JavaFX AUT's.

For full information, the JavaFX issue list is here

New description view

You can now enter descriptions for nodes (Test Cases, Test Suites, Test Jobs) in your tests. The descriptions are entered using a markup language, that you can select in the Project Properties. Once you have entered descriptions, you can see them via the Description View when you select a node with a description.

Description View
Version numbers now allow major, minor, micro numbers and qualifiers

You can now create versions of Projects that use major, minor and micro numbers as well as qualifiers as their version number. Version numbers can consist of just a number, just a qualifier, or a number and a qualifier, e.g. 1.0_release, 1.0, 1.0.0, 1.0.0_release, version3

Fixed Bugs for Mars

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