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What's new in Jubula in Luna

You can also read our blog entry containing the feature tour for 8.0

JavaFX AUT's supported

AUT's written with the JavaFX toolkit can now be tested. You can read more about this in this blog entry

JavaFX Configuration
Reporting to ALM systems supported

You can now configure your project to be connected to an application lifecycle management (ALM) system. Once you have done this, you can view items (issues, tickets) from the ALM system, add Task IDs to your Test Cases and Test Suites, and automatically report test results to the ALM system when a test has run.

Test Results in ALM
Tracking changes

When change tracking is activated, you can see when a Test Case or Test Suite was created and / or last modified. Using a system property, you can also see the user who modified it.

Change Information
Property information in the object mapping mode

When you collect components in Java applications using the object mapping mode, you can see property information in the Properties View of the Object Mapping Editor. You can use the information to help you when performing "Check Property" or "Store Property" actions.

Property Information in Object Mapping Mode
Graphics component support for canvas

You can now perform basic actions (click, check existence, wait for component) on org.eclipse.ui.forms.widgets such as Hyperlinks.

Checkboxes in SWT tables can be tested

Tables in SWT/RCP AUT's that have a checkbox in the first column can now be tested. You can toggle the state of the checkbox and also check the state of the checkbox.

Graphics component support for JProgressBar

You can now perform basic actions (click, check existence, wait for component) on JProgressBars.

Fixed Bugs for Luna

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