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What's new in Jubula in Kepler

Jubula and GUIdancer standalones are feature-identical

The standalone versions for Jubula and GUIdancer now both contain the same feature set. They only differ in their branding. More information on the features available in the Jubula Feature and the Standalones is on the download page. The standalone versions can be downloaded from the BREDEX Testing Resources Portal. To access the GUIdancer standalone, a purchase of a support package is required.

GUIdancer and Jubula standalones
Eclipse e4 Applications can be tested

It is now possible to test Eclipse e4 applications. Read the information on adding the RCP-Accessor to ensure that the AUT can be recognized by Jubula.

Search scopes are supported

When using the search dialog, you can now decide to search throughout the whole project, or just the nodes you have selected.

Search Scopes
HTML reports contain screenshots of errors

When a HTML test result report is produced, it now contains any screenshots taken on failing test steps. The images can be expanded and contracted by clicking them.

HTML Reports with Screenshots
New functions available

There are new functions available to access the name of a node, and the comment on a node. There is also a new function that lets you access a specific cell in a Central Test Data Set.

Properties View is more compact

The Properties View now only shows one line per parameter instead of three in previous versions.

Properties View
Editable state of Properties View is easier to see

The Properties View is a darker grey when disabled, making it easier to see whether changes can be made or not.

Disabled Properties View
Double-click behavior improved in ITE

Double clicking on an item in a browser opens its direct parent, with the item you double-clicked selected. Double clicking on an item in an editor opens the editor for that item.

Support for own text renderers in SWT

You can now use setData(TEST_TESTABLE_TEXT) to make custom renderers readable during a test.

Extensions must be updated

Due to wide-reaching changes in the remote control code, any extensions for versions older than Kepler must be updated. If you have already updated your extensions for the standalone version 2.0, then this is sufficient.

Fixed Bugs for Kepler

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