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What's new in Jubula in Juno SR1

Multiple instances of the Test Case Browser can now be opened

You can now open the Test Case Browser multiple times to make navigating through large Test Case libraries easier. One Test Case Browser counts as the main browser, and is used for actions such as show specification etc.

Multiple Test Case Browsers
Workspace dialog now supports remembering default workspace

You can now specify in the workspace chooser that the workspace you enter is used as the default. In addition, you can restart Jubula and also switch workspaces from the "File" menu.

Database connection dialog allows remembering of username and password

In the database login dialog, you can select the option to remember your password. If you have selected this option, you can also specify that the database should be used as the default database, and you will be automatically logged in.

Database Dialog
Auto-load of default project supported

In the Open Project dialog, you can now identify the selected Project and version number as your default Project. You can have one default Project per workspace. When you have a default Project set, then this Project is automatically loaded when connecting to the database. You can remove the default loading in the Test preferences.

Project Dialog
Testexec and DBTool can now use -dburl instead of -data (workspace) parameter

To make working with the testexec and dbtool easier, you can now use the dburl parameter to specify which database to connect to during the process. This removes the need to specify which workspace to use (via -data) when working with the testexec and dbtool. You can still enter the workspace and the -dbscheme information if you prefer not to use the -dburl parameter.

Chronon updates

When using Chronon to collect information during a test, you can now either use the integrated Chronon to record your AUT or you can specify where a separate Chronon installation is, thus allowing you to use the Chronon Recording Server. This is the recommended choice for working in continuous integration processes.
If you are using the integrated Chronon support for testing your AUT, then you now have the option to specify exclude patterns for the recording as well as include patterns.
The integrated Chronon support has been updated to use Chronon 3.

Other information for this release

Read the release notes (available from the documentation page) for more details, including known issues and other important information.

Closed Bugs for Juno SR1

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