Class WebAppMarshaller

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    org.infinispan.commons.marshall.Marshaller, org.infinispan.commons.marshall.StreamingMarshaller

    public class WebAppMarshaller
    extends org.infinispan.commons.marshall.jboss.AbstractJBossMarshaller
    WebAppMarshaller An implementation of the AbstractJBossMarshaller code that is just enough to provide a ContextClassResolver that will use the Thread Context Classloader in order to deserialize session attribute classes. This is necessary because the standard infinispan marshaller (GenericJBossMarshaller) uses the classloader of the loader that loaded itself. When using the infinispan module in Jetty, all of the infinispan classes will be on the container classpath. That means that the GenericJBossMarshaller returns the container classloader which is unable to load any webapp classes. This class ensures that it is always the webapp's classloader that will be used. In order to use this class, you should put a file into the ${jetty.base}/resources directory that contains this line: infinispan.client.hotrod.marshaller=org.eclipse.jetty.session.infinispan.WebAppMarshaller You will also need to add the following lines to a context xml file for your webapp to permit the webapp's classloader to see the org.eclipse.jetty.session.infinispan classes for the deserialization to work correctly: <Call name="prependServerClass"> <Arg>-org.eclipse.jetty.session.infinispan.</Arg> </Call>
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      static class  WebAppMarshaller.WebAppContextClassResolver
      WebAppContextClassResolver Provides the Thread Context Classloader to use for deserializing.
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        finishObjectInput, finishObjectOutput, isMarshallable, isMarshallableCandidate, mediaType, objectFromByteBuffer, objectFromObjectStream, objectToBuffer, objectToObjectStream, start, startObjectInput, startObjectOutput, stop
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      • WebAppMarshaller

        public WebAppMarshaller()