Class ContextHandler.ApproveNonExistentDirectoryAliases

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    public static class ContextHandler.ApproveNonExistentDirectoryAliases
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ContextHandler.AliasCheck
    Approve Aliases of a non existent directory. If a directory "/foobar/" does not exist, then the resource is aliased to "/foobar". Accept such aliases.
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      boolean check​(java.lang.String path, Resource resource)
      Check an alias
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      • ApproveNonExistentDirectoryAliases

        public ApproveNonExistentDirectoryAliases()
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        public boolean check​(java.lang.String path,
                             Resource resource)
        Description copied from interface: ContextHandler.AliasCheck
        Check an alias
        Specified by:
        check in interface ContextHandler.AliasCheck
        path - The path the aliased resource was created for
        resource - The aliased resourced
        True if the resource is OK to be served.