Class AllowSymLinkAliasChecker

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    public class AllowSymLinkAliasChecker
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ContextHandler.AliasCheck
    Symbolic Link AliasChecker.

    An instance of this class can be registered with ContextHandler.addAliasCheck(AliasCheck) to check resources that are aliased to other locations. The checker uses the Java Files.readSymbolicLink(Path) and Path.toRealPath(java.nio.file.LinkOption...) APIs to check if a file is aliased with symbolic links.

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      boolean check​(java.lang.String uri, Resource resource)
      Check an alias
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      • AllowSymLinkAliasChecker

        public AllowSymLinkAliasChecker()
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      • check

        public boolean check​(java.lang.String uri,
                             Resource resource)
        Description copied from interface: ContextHandler.AliasCheck
        Check an alias
        Specified by:
        check in interface ContextHandler.AliasCheck
        uri - The path the aliased resource was created for
        resource - The aliased resourced
        True if the resource is OK to be served.