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Chapter 1. Introducing Jetty

Table of Contents

What is Jetty?
What Version Do I Use?
Jetty and Java EE Web Profile

What is Jetty?

Jetty is an open-source project providing an HTTP server, HTTP client, and javax.servlet container.

This guide is in two parts.

  • The first part emphasizes beginning to use Jetty. It provides information about downloading Jetty, changing things like the port Jetty runs on, adjusting logging levels, and configuring many of the most common servlet container features such as JNDI, JMX, and session management.
  • The second part describes advanced uses of Jetty, providing in depth coverage of specific features like our highly scalable async client, proxy servlet configuration, the Jetty Maven plugin, and using Jetty as an embedded server. The advanced section includes tutorials, howtos, videos, and reference materials.

Feedback is always welcome! Additionally, if you are interested in how to contribute to the open source project there is a section on that as well!

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