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Chapter 27. Frameworks

Table of Contents

Spring Setup

Spring Setup

You can assemble and configure Jetty in code or with almost any IoC style framework including Spring.

Downloading the Jetty-Spring Module and Dependencies

The jetty-spring module is available as a Maven artifact. You can obtain it through the following maven cooridates:

Using jetty-spring requires a couple of transitive dependencies so if you are not using a build system that handles such things you will need to grab a couple of other artifacts as well.

$ wget --user-agent=other
$ wget --user-agent=other
$ wget --user-agent=other


Using Spring to Configure Jetty

Configuring Jetty via Spring is simply a matter of calling the API as Spring beans. The following is an example mimicing the default jetty startup configuration.

Starting Jetty Distribution with Spring

As a purely optional effort to illustrate how this works, if you want to use spring to start up the jetty distribution then all you need to do is make these changes and then run it appropriately.

  • Create a $jetty.home/lib/spring directory and place the jetty-spring, spring, and commons-logging artifacts mentioned above inside

  • Cut and paste the above into a jetty-spring.xml file inside of $jetty.home/etc

The following command line starts Jetty using the spring configuration file providing you have configured the jetty-distribution as described above.

$ java -jar start.jar OPTIONS=Server,All,spring start.class=org.eclipse.jetty.spring.Main etc/jetty-spring.xml


This uses the jetty-spring Main class to load the Spring configuration file and join the resulting server. Jetty is now started up through spring as opposed to the normal jetty xml configuration mechanism.

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