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Part IV. Jetty Development Guide

Table of Contents

21. Maven and Jetty
Using Maven
Configuring the Jetty Maven Plugin
Files Scanned by the Jetty Maven Plugin
Jetty Jspc Maven Plugin
22. Using Ant with Jetty
Using the Ant Jetty Plugin
23. Handlers
Writing Custom Handlers
24. Embedding
Jetty Embedded HelloWorld
Embedding Jetty
Embedded Examples
25. Debugging
Enable remote debugging
Debugging With Eclipse
Debugging With IntelliJ
26. Frameworks
Spring Setup
27. HTTP Client
API Usage
Other Features
28. WebSocket Introduction
What Jetty provides
WebSocket APIs
Enabling WebSocket
29. Jetty Websocket API
Jetty WebSocket API Usage
WebSocket Events
WebSocket Session
Send Messages to Remote Endpoint
Using WebSocket Annotations
Using WebSocketListener
Using the WebSocketAdapter
Jetty WebSocket Server API
Jetty WebSocket Client API
30. Java Websocket API
Java WebSocket Client API Usage
Java WebSocket Server API
31. Continuations
Using Continuations
Common Continuation Patterns

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