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Chapter 35. Contributing to Jetty

Table of Contents

Source Control and Building
Coding Standards
Issues, Features, and Bugs
Contributing Patches
Reporting Security Issues
Releasing Jetty
Testing a Jetty Release

There are many ways to contribute to Jetty, from hardened developers looking to sharpen their skills to neophytes interested in working with an open source project for the first time. Here we show ways to interact with the Jetty community, give feedback to the developers and contribute patches to both core Jetty code and even this document.


Developers and users alike are welcome to engage the Jetty community. We all have day jobs here so don’t just ask questions on IRC and frustrated if no one answers right away. Stick around to hear an answer, one is likely coming at some point!

Internet Relay Chat - IRC

Much of our conversations about Jetty occur on IRC in one location or another. Users are always welcome to come join our IRC channels and talk with us, other users, or just lurk. - #jetty
Our primary location, we recommend that if your looking to find folks on IRC you try here. We also have commit notifications coming to this channel on the bottom and top of the hour.

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