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Part III. Jetty Administration Guide

Table of Contents

9. Starting Jetty
Startup Overview
Managing Server Classpath
Managing Startup Modules
Managing Jetty Base and Jetty Home
Using start.jar
Startup a Unix Service using
Startup via Windows Service
10. Session Management
Setting Session Characteristics
Using Persistent Sessions
Session Clustering with a Database
Session Clustering with MongoDB
Session Clustering with Infinispan
Session Clustering with Google Cloud Datastore
11. Configuring JNDI
Quick Setup
Working with Jetty JNDI
Configuring JNDI
Using JNDI with Jetty Embedded
Datasource Examples
12. Annotations
Quick Setup
Working with Annotations
Using Annotations with Jetty Embedded
13. JMX
Using Java Management Extensions (JMX)
Jetty JConsole
Jetty JMX Annotations
14. ALPN
Introducing ALPN
15. HTTP/2
Introducing HTTP/2
Enabling HTTP/2
Configuring HTTP/2
Configuring HTTP/2 Push
Configuring HAProxy and Jetty
16. FastCGI Support
FastCGI Introduction
Configuring Jetty for FastCGI
17. Provided Servlets, Filters, and Handlers
Default Servlet
Proxy Servlet
Balancer Servlet
CGI Servlet
Quality of Service Filter
Denial of Service Filter
Gzip Handler
Cross Origin Filter
Resource Handler
Debug Handler
Statistics Handler
IP Access Handler
Moved Context Handler
Shutdown Handler
Default Handler
Error Handler
Rewrite Handler
18. Jetty Runner
Use Jetty without an installed distribution
19. Optimizing Jetty
Garbage Collection
High Load
Limiting Load
20. Jetty Logging
Configuring Jetty Logging
Default Logging with Jetty's StdErrLog
Configuring Jetty Request Logs
Example: Logging with Apache Log4j
Example: Logging with Java's java.util.logging via Slf4j
Example: Logging with Java's java.util.logging via JavaUtilLog
Example: Logging with Logback
Example: Capturing Multiple Logging Frameworks with Slf4j
Example: Centralized Logging with Logback
Jetty Dump Tool

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