3.6 M7 Test Plan

Test day: Monday, 2010-04-26
Test Build: I20100425-2000 (always switch to latest available build)
Components: Platform Search, Platform Text, JDT Text and JDT UI
Testers: Dani, Deepak, Markus, Raksha



Test New Functionality

First test all those items where you are listed as first tester.

Java Code Style preference transfer category (Raksha, Deepak - Questions: Dani)

Test that all Java code style preferences (including those from nested preference pages) are covered by the new 'Java Code Style' preference transfer category.

Compare editor (Markus, Raksha - Questions: Dani)

Paste patch into Package Explorer shows patch in Synchronize view (Deepak, Markus - Questions: Dani)

Show In offers the Project Explorer in JDT perspectives (Raksha, Deepak - Questions: Dani)

Verify that views in the JDT perspectives now show the Project Explorer in the Show In menu (bug 175857).

Drag & Drop (Markus, Deepak - Questions: Dani)

Verify that drag and drop works as expected with regards on the new Link support. Test in Package Explorer, Project Explorer and Navigator.

Mark projects that have build path problems (Dani, Raksha - Questions: Deepak)

Verify that the new icon (a red "!") is overlaid on Project and Working Set icons only for Build path problems (bug 215980).

Combined "Delete" on mixed selection package/folders does not delete all resources (Raksha, Dani - Questions: Deepak)

Verify that deleting a package and a (non-source) folder deletes both (bug 292505).

Hover on string constant should show NLSed string (Raksha, Markus - Questions: Deepak)

Verify that hovering over a string constant (NLS key) shows the NLSed string (bug 306168).

Unable to refactor expression without resolved type in variable initializer (Dani, Raksha - Questions: Deepak)

Prevent creation of resources inside virtual folders (Deepak, Markus - Questions: Raksha)

Verify that no resources can be created inside a virtual folder (bug 297442)

Prevent creation of filtered resources in JDT Wizards (Deepak, Markus - Questions: Raksha)

Verify that no filtered resources can be created from any JDT Wizard (bug 308957)

Call Hierarchy actions (Deepak, Dani - Questions: Raksha)

Package name abbreviations (Deepak, Dani - Questions: Markus)

New Java Project Wizard (Dani, Deepak - Questions: Markus)

Deadlocks when appying quick fix on GTK (Markus - Questions: Markus)

Open Resource (Dani, Deepak - Questions: Markus)

Quit confirmation on the Mac (Markus - Questions: Markus)

Java 1.7 support removed from Java Compiler preference/properties page (Raksha, Deepak - Questions: Markus)

Javadoc hovers show annotations (Deepak, Raksha - Questions: Markus)

Javadoc hovers show value of {@value} (Raksha, Deepak - Questions: Markus)

Bug Verification (All)

Before starting to verify a bug add a comment indicating that you are about to verify it.