3.6 M3 Test Plan

Test day: Tuesday, 2009-10-27
Test Build: I20091027-0100 or newest available
Components: Platform Search, Platform Text, JDT Text and JDT UI
Testers: Dani, Raksha, Deepak



Test New Functionality

First test all those items where you are listed as first tester.

JUnit view (Dani, Deepak - Questions: Dani)

Clean Up and Save Action for @Override (Raksha, Deepak - Questions: Dani)

Ruler painting performance (Dani, Deepak - Questions: Dani)

Call Hierarchy Refresh Element Action (Dani, Deepak - Questions: Raksha)

New Java Project Wizard (Raksha, Dani - Questions: Deepak)

Preference UI Changes (Raksha, Dani - Questions: Deepak)

New Preference Transfers (Deepak, Raksha - Questions: Dani)

Java Compare (Deepak, Raksha - Questions: Dani)

Improved Handling of Unmappable Characters on Save (Deepak, Raksha - Questions: Dani)

Test the new dialog that comes up when saving an editor that contains characters which cannot be encoded with the current encoding.

Bug Verification (All)

Before starting to verify a bug add a comment indicating that you are about to verify it.