3.6 M1 Test Plan

Test day: Tuesday, 2009-08-04
Test Build: I20090803-1800
Components: Platform Search, Platform Text, JDT Text and JDT UI
Testers: Dani, Markus, Raksha, Benny



Test New Functionality

First test all those items where you are listed as first tester.

Remove from View action (Markus, Dani - FAQ: Raksha)

Export All... from Formatter Preference page (Markus, Benny, Dani - FAQ: Raksha)

Open Implementation command in Navigate menu (Benny, Markus - FAQ: Raksha)

Emulated resize support for hovers on Linux (Benny, Dani - FAQ: Markus)

Javadoc without browser widget (Dani, Benny- FAQ: Markus)

Extract Method (Raksha, Dani - FAQ: Markus)

Test 3.5.1 Fixes

Make sure to verify all Platform Search, Platform/JDT Text and JDT UI fixes.

Test all fixes against 3.5.1 (Markus)

Use M20090729-0903.

Test all fixes against 3.6 M1 (Raksha)

Bug Verification (All)

Before starting to verify a bug add a comment indicating that you are about to verify it.