3.4 M3 Test Plan

Test day: Tuesday, 2007-10-30
Test Build: I20071030-0010
Components: Platform Search, Platform Text, JDT Text and JDT UI
Testers: Benno, Dani, Markus, Martin



Test New Functionality

First test all those items where you are listed as first tester.

Format changed lines (Markus, Dani - FAQ: Benno)

Test Format only changed lines.

Rename NLS key renames in properties file (Markus, Dani - FAQ: Benno)

Test the rename of property accessor field does also rename the corresponding key in the corresponding properties file.

Highlighting numbers in Java code (Martin, Benno - FAQ: Dani)

Verify that the various number formats get their own color and that changing the preference works.

Content assist for static members when import missing (Benno, Martin- FAQ: Dani)

Add fields, methods and inner types to not yet imported type.

Content assist for variables after instanceof (Benno, Martin - FAQ: Dani)

See bug 193909 for details and the supported cases.

Javadoc hover shows constant value (Benno, Markus - FAQ: Dani)

Test that the hover shows the constant value where possible and that the hex value is correct.

Toggle Comment action for the Properties File editor (Martin, Benno - FAQ: Dani)

Test adding and removing comments in the Properties File editor.

Test Printing Improvements (Martin, Benno - FAQ: Dani)

Test the following printing support improvements:

Search toolbar drop down (Dani, Markus - FAQ: Martin)

Navigator and project explorer use rename/move and delete participants (Markus, Dani - FAQ: Martin)

Search line matches (Dani, Markus - FAQ: Martin)

Call Hierarchy (Dani, Martin - FAQ: Markus)

Bug Verification

Every tester has to verify 1 bug. Before starting to verify a bug add a comment indicating that you are about to verify it.