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JDT Core R3.4.x

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What’s Happening?

This section describes the JDT/Core implementation of the official plan, to be delivered according to the build schedule.

  Rollup 3.4.1 - no date yet

 Release 3.4.0 - completed on 2008/06/17

  • available on the download area.
  • final build notes
  • Java Compiler
    • Support for "-target cldc1.1" (120223)
    • Improve "Unnecessary declaration of thrown checked exceptions" (73244)
    • Concurrent Java compiler (so as to leverage multi-core CPU) (142126)
    • Need annotation bindings even when code contains errors (196200)
    • Improve syntax recovery around annotations (130778)
    • Add CompilationParticipant.buildComplete() API (180107)
    • Improve support for generics
    • Tune warning for missing serialVersionUID (203241)
    • Enable null-pointer access warning by default (192875)
    • Improve compiler fault resilience (196653, 204536, 204534)
    • Augment warning for assignment having no effect (200724)
    • Improve 1.6 code generation performance (185350)
    • Provide a mapping from problem id to preference key (218603)
    • Add compiler API to call the batch compiler from a stand-alone application (217233)
    • Detect unnecessary Throwable or Exception in throws clause (219461)
    • Don't surface unresolved types (187430)
  • Build Path
    • Support external library folders (182537)
    • Support ZIP archives with extensions other than .zip and .jar (182360)
  • Code Assist
    • Improve content assist after 'instanceof' (193909)
    • Improve content assist for static members when import missing (44627)
    • Enrich completion context (202470, 202467)
  • Code Formatter
    • Formatting should all be done at the core level (102780, 227043)
    • Allow to format set of regions (203304)
    • Tune up region formatting (208541)
  • Javadoc
  • Java Model
    • Support annotations as Java elements (79112)
    • Support for retreiving the default value of an annotation method (209958)
    • Java element delta for all classpath changes (154071)
    • API to get from binding key to a IJavaElement (192670)
    • Improve Java model caching heuristic to better handle large JARs (190094)
    • Improve "Initializing Java Tooling" job performance (206027, 181488)
    • Honor build path when looking up working copies (169970, 194399)
    • Fix IType.getFullyQualifiedName(char) for binary types (156168)
    • Applying edits to a ICompilationUnit (117694)
  • Search

Bug Resolution


These patches are not yet part of any official release or rollup; but provide an early access to the next delivery for quality assessment. If you find any regression using these patches, please inform the JDT/Core team by entering a bug report

 3.4.x update

(Binary) posted on 2010/01/27, 7.77 MB (click on picture)
Install by unzipping in the dropins folder.
description Addresses the following issues since 3.4.2 release:

299051 Clone of bug 296343
288211 APT uses a lot of memory
293443 AbortCompilation when invoking content assist
124646 Connecting type parameter fails for local types
291322 Test errors when running JDT Core tests on Windows 7
285124 serialVersionUID still causes error/warning
275330 NPE from org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.ClasspathChange.requestIndexing
261722 [search] NPE after removing a project
265962 [compiler] Internal compiler error on while with return clause
265103 Manifest Class-Path is not read correctly with ECJ
266582 [1.5][compiler] AbortCompilation while decoding the type variable of an anonymous type
264843 [1.5][compiler] Eclipse compiler fails to reject invalid code with primitives autoboxed to generics
257716 [compiler] Erroneous blank field field may not have been initialized
263877 [1.5][compiler] forward reference error flagged within enum
249930 Deadlock with JavaModelManager$PerProjectInfo
261510 [compiler] Deadlock in static initializer of JDT classes

Getting the sources

  • Make sure to target a recent SDK R3.4.x integration build.
  • Define a CVS connection to server
  • Check out the HEAD branch of the project org.eclipse.jdt.core.
  • The sources of this project have been compiled against a 1.4 JRE. A 1.4 JRE should thus be installed.

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