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JDT Core R3.3.x

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What’s Happening?

This section describes the JDT/Core implementation of the official plan.

  Rollup 3.3.2 - completed on 2008/02/21   Rollup 3.3.1 - completed on 2007/09/15

 Release 3.3.0 - completed on 2007/06/29

  • available on the download area.
  • final build notes
  • Java SE 6 (jsr-270)
    • Compiler API (jsr-199)
      Require 1.6 JRE libraries. Implementation of compiler API (154111) will thus likely be made available as a separate download.
  • Incremental Java Compiler
    • Improve compiler fault-tolerance (156731)
    • Add compiler option to warn overriding methods that do not call super (156736)
    • Tune the existing null checks to avoid false positives (157154)
    • Offer variable bindings when variable type is unresolved (149567)
  • Search
    • Get IType from TypeNameRequestor result (148380)
  • Java Model
    • Allow classpath variable to be marked as deprecated (138599)
    • Allow classpath variable to be marked as non modifiable (156226)
    • Have common supertype for ICompilationUnit and IClassFile (125504)
    • Ensure Java model is always consistent (129584)
  • Code Assist
    • Improve code assist when import missing (44984)
    • Code assist for declarations that are already used later in the code (150228)
    • OK mark Improve empty completion (102875)
  • Code Formatter
    • OK mark Fine tune formatting of code in <pre> tags (99738)

Release Process

Bug Resolution


These patches are not yet part of any official release or rollup; but provide an early access to the next delivery for quality assessment. If you find any regression using these patches, please inform the JDT/Core team by entering a bug report

 Batch compiler

(Binary) posted on 2009/01/30, 1,49 MB (click on picture)
(Source) posted on 2009/01/30, 1,06 MB (click on picture)

 Post 3.3.2 update

posted on 2009/01/30, 7.18 MB (click on picture)
applies to Rollup 3.3.2
description Post 3.3.2 update.
Note: No official 3.3.3 is planned so far, this is only a courtesy of the JDT/Core team.
Plug-in revision ID is "3.3.7". Corresponding sources are versionned using tag v_797_R33x
Addresses the following issues:
257716 [compiler] Erroneous blank field field may not have been initialized
138184 [search] Type Dialog (Could not uniquely map the name to a type)
250975 [1.5][compiler] Stack overflow on static import.
239273 [1.5][compiler] ClassCastException in BinaryTypeBinding.convertMemberValue() trying to cast an ArrayBinding as a ReferenceBinding
245435 [1.5][compiler] "Value for annotation attribute must be a constant expression" error on valid constant expression
240214 [compiler] final bit should be cleared from class file access flag for anonymous class
237931 [1.6][compiler] wrong signature of String[][] in class file
239758 [1.5][compiler] Generic interface inheritance and overriding error
232565 [1.5][compiler] wrong autoboxing code generation leads to VerifyError at runtime
238484 [1.5][compiler] Eclipse generates bad code (major regression)
235921 [1.5][compiler] Incorrect generic signature attribute created for inner anonymous type
235882 [compiler] constructor-scoped inner classes unable to recognize final member variable initialization
235778 Potential race condition computing resolved classpath
227941 org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.batch.Main writes bad characters to an xml log file
234619 [1.5][compiler] Object#getClass() has wrong expression type binding with JRE from 1.6
233800 [1.5][compiler] Internal compiler NPE on checkUnsafeCast
232814 [compiler] Testcase with "value1 - (-value2)" not working when value2 is final
225737 [compiler][1.5] Generics - JDT cannot compile hudson-core when javac can
231861 [1.5][compiler] Generics: problem with partial generics
228291 [1.5][compiler] Incorrect unsafe warning for casting complex but static types.
79798 [compiler] Wrong compiler error when interface overrides two methods with same signature but different exceptions
222326 [1.5][compiler] NullPointerException during: "Compute launch button tooltip"
219855 [1.5][compiler] StackOverflowError during: "Requesting Java AST from selection"
167262 [1.5][compiler] @Override specification
220361 [1.5][compiler] Compiler incorrectly rejects static raw member type as parameterized
220111 [1.5][compiler] Type mismatch errors on identical types; code compiles with javac
210425 [1.5][compiler] @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") not considered necessary for unconstrained generic parameters
216686 [1.5][compiler] Failures of inference and overload resolution
216683 [1.5][compiler] Confusion when homnymous types in local and enclosing scope
216692 [1.5][compiler] Protected type not visible in subclass
216565 [1.5][compiler] Cannot convert T to T
216100 [1.5][compiler] Brigdes are not correcly generated
Also see corresponding build notes.

Getting the sources

  • Make sure to target a recent SDK R3.3.x maintenance build.
  • Define a CVS connection to server
  • Check out the R3_3_maintenance branch of the project org.eclipse.jdt.core.
  • The sources of this project have been compiled against a 1.4 JRE. A 1.4 JRE should thus be installed.

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