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JDT Core / Release Candidate 2 : Testing Plan

Release Candidate 0 test plan is available here..
Release Candidate 1 test plan is available here.
Release Candidate 3 test plan is available here.

 Verify all 3.1RC2 fixes (Olivier, Maxime, Frederic, David)
 Miscellaneous (Jerome, Kent, Maxime)
  • check persisted classpath variables/containers are still rebound properly while opening workspace from previous version/milestones or exporting/importing preferences
  • check access restrictions with file extension work properly
  • hierarchy refresh while saving editor
  • exerce formatter with static local/nested classes
  • usage of external jar (tools.jar for example) with 1.5 code

 DOM AST (Olivier, David)
  • challenge it on 1.5 source/binary code (Sun JDK sources for example)
  • use AST view to control produced tree
  • verify @SuppressWarnings is effective in DOM diagnostics

 Search (Frederic)
  • check refactoring on generic methods in generic/non-generic classes
  • check declarations/references to invalid method (ie. with compiler error)

 CodeAssist/CodeSelect (David)
  • exerce on local/nested/anonymous types
  • exerce on generic methods/constructors calls
  • exerce on type parameters declarations (with/without wildcards/bounds) and parameterized types arguments
  • exerce on static import
  • exerce on parameterized types
  • control resolved key surfaced by hover selection on 1.5 source/binary code (Sun JDK sources for example)

 Compiler (Olivier, Philippe, Maxime)
  • verify new defaults for fields/local var hiding + unused local/private (specially with anonymous)
  • verify ambigous warning for generic methods in generic/non-generic types
  • verify bound check in corner cases
  • verify enum switch in corner cases
  • verify nested types with 1.5 code (annotation/interface/static/ etc...)
  • verify generic types cast
  • check raw warnings
  • check status of disabled regression tests

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