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JDT Core / Release Candidate 1 : Testing Plan

Release Candidate 0 test plan is available here..
Release Candidate 2 test plan is available here.
Release Candidate 3 test plan is available here.

 Verify all 3.1RC1 fixes (Olivier, Maxime, Frederic, David)
 3.0 backward compatibility (David)
  • ensure we can open a relocated 3.0 dev workspace (search, build, codeassist, package view, preferences)
  • take a 3.1 shared project (using classpath enhancements such as access rules or classpath attributes
  • check persisted classpath variables/containers are still rebound properly

 Performance (Frederic)
  • check behavior of startup when previous session was interrupted abruptely, or was exited before indexing was finished
  • immediately exit after startup, is shutdown performing unnecessary work ?

 Access Restrictions (David, Olivier)
  • setup custom access rules, using both exported entries and combine semantics.
  • check that reconciler and builder diagnostics are consistent
  • check codeassist filtering/depreciating restricted proposals
  • combinations of access restrictions with other classpath complexity: exclusion/inclusion patterns, multiple output folders, linked folders: check package view rendering, delta issued

 DOM AST (Frederic)
  • challenge it trying various refactoring actions on corner cases and source with errors
  • use AST view to control produced tree
  • challenge DOM AST near capture conversion
  • ensure package-info support is fine
  • verify @SuppressWarnings is effective in DOM diagnostics

 Search (Frederic)
  • check memory/performance scaling when lots of potential matches (e.g. references to #add())
  • check inaccurate matches (too many/not enough)
  • check generic matches: equivalent/exact/erasure
  • check indexer crash recovery

 Incremental Compilation (Kent)
  • check consistency between clean vs. incremental build near generics
  • check all dependency info is around, not too much
  • check handling of cancel, core exception
  • check problem count accuracy

 CodeAssist/CodeSelect (Jerome)
  • inside parameterized type arguments, when empty prefix should propose parameterized type back
  • assist inside annotations
  • no more type proposal on empty token
  • challenge new behavior to ensure nothing is missing in corner situations
  • check resolved keys in completion proposals
  • control codeselect handling of 1.5 constructs
  • control resolved key surfaced by hover selection

 Type Hierarchies (Jerome)
  • missing types
  • fault-tolerance to abort compilation errors
  • check amount of resolution (more than supertypes?)

 Startup (Jerome)
  • check normal restart case (no change in workspace since last proper shutdown)
  • check restart after crash
  • check restart of 3.0 workspace
  • check restart of workspace where external JARs did change
  • check progress issues if user manually invokes openType dialog while heavy scenario
  • check restart of monster workspace

 J2SE 5.0 (Philippe, Maxime)
  • check unchecked warnings
  • check raw conversion
  • check assignment conversion
  • check error messages: readability, context (show generic vs. parameterized type)

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