JDT Core / Post Freeze 1 : Testing Plan 
Post freeze 2 test plan is available here.
Reconcile with Errors (Philippe, David)
  • performance on large units (e.g. JavaProject, suspecting some slowness)
  • unexpected errors (concurrency issues?)
  • paste in some code highly broken (specs from design note with some sparse signatures etc...)
  • try code with generics and '#' in signatures
Classpath containers (Philippe, Jérôme)
  • check switching JRE (with performance)
  • check deltas when switching JREs using containers
Compiler & Incremental Builder (Philippe, Kent)
  • JCK 1.3a compliance, JCK 1.4 compliance
  • addition of empty source folder
  • addition of package prefix
  • write new test scenarii
  • building when workspace is broken
    • cycle detection
    • missing or ill-formatted .classpath file (consequence of PDE bug)
    • updgrading existing self-hosting workspaces
Resource copy filtering (Kent)
  • check preference page is working ok (was broken in recent past)
  • check exclusion for files and folders
Java preferences and variables (David)
  • check they are correctly persisted (even if Jdt/UI isn't activated)
  • check lazy initialization of JRE_LIB / classpath container
  • check logic of compliance settings 1.3 / 1.4
Classpath (David)
  • check that forbidden scenarii are detected ok (classpath validation)
  • check cycle detection
  • check classpath problem marker update
  • check handling of corruption of .classpath file
DOM AST (Olivier)
  • use refactoring and source operations to test the DOM
Ant Java Adapter (Olivier)
  • try corner cases (ext dirs, encoding, ...)
  • check Ant 1.5 compatibility
Encoding (Olivier)
  • check that custom encoding is honoured (batch & JavaCore setting)
  • check Ant 1.5 compatibility
Debug attributes (Olivier)
  • check offending source attribute combination (like default return)
Search (Jérôme)
  • random queries with lots of matches
  • queries with non-declaring type names in them (e.g. X.foo() referenced as Y.foo())
Type Hierarchies (Jérôme)
  • missing types
  • performance (what if getFlags() and isClass() were free)
  • check when using working copies (+ corner cases: empty ones, ...)
Java deltas (Jérôme)
  • check non-java resource modifications
  • shared internal JARs
  • external JAR refresh (once surfaced in UI)