JDT Core / Post Freeze 2 : Fix Plan 
Most significant issues to address
  • improve incremental compiler with respect to anonymous type changes, these should not trigger recompilation of dependents.
  • address Java delta defficiency with respect to project subfolder removal while project description is changed too. This causes the Java model to notify a project deletion by mistake (also see 18953).
  • fix type hierarchy NPE bug when computed on regions
  • address scrapbook page problem when trying to report problems on imports
  • address issue where replacing binary project doesn't trigger build
  • code assist issue when superclasses all defines same field or member type
  • fix NPE in search when no imports are defined and JRE is missing
  • classpath variables should be exportable along with JDT/Core preferences
Corresponding bugs reports
These bugs are to be tagged with milestone "2.0 F3" (freeze-3)
  • All committed bugs : overview of all relevant bugs, in case your bug isn't in the list, please use the jdt-core-dev mailing list to explain why it should be escaladated.
  • Unresolved bugs : our intent is to solve these before freeze 3
  • Resolved bugs : bugs already fixed or closed during this fix pass