JDT Core / Post Freeze 1 : Fix Plan 
Most significant issues to address
  • resolve indirect leak in document buffer caused by hierarchy notification, when closing editor
  • review javadocs formatting or missing
  • improve handling of missing/corrupted .classpath file
  • have compiler optionally report unused imports
  • improve incremental recompilation by ignoring structural changes to synthetic methods or clinits
  • tolerate whitespaces in the resource copy exclusion filter
  • address Java element delta bugs when removing a project with internal JAR referenced from other projects.
  • address issue where library search indexes where not removed if corresponding to internal JARs of deleted project
  • tolerate non yet existing Java project when getting/setting classpath containers
  • have the JDTCompiler Ant adapter be compatible with Ant 1.5
  • provide an API to allow refreshing explicitly external JARs
  • provide an API to retrieve cached flags for type hierarchies (performance improvement for avoiding UI querying Java model when displaying)
  • improve the line number debug attributes around the implicit free return bytecode
  • fix a bug in code gen leading to a verification error at runtime
  • fix NullPointerException in compiler if it needs to filter out numerous problems
  • fix search when match is in internal jar of a distinct project
  • fix search declarations of type referenced in imports
  • fix a potential concurrency problem when creating the JavaModel element
  • solve a couple rare scenarii where the incremental compiler would be inconsistent
  • register Team recommandations for certain file types (.java, .classpath, .class, .jar, .zip, .properties)
  • fix couple cases where local history wouldn't reflect JavaModel operation (deletions)
  • fix open on selection for instanceof expressions
  • fix couple cases where platform encoding used in place of Eclipse custom encoding (if any)
Corresponding bugs reports
These bugs are to be tagged with milestone "2.0 F2" (freeze-2)
  • All committed bugs : overview of all relevant bugs, in case your bug isn't in the list, please use the jdt-core-dev mailing list to explain why it should be escaladated.
  • Unresolved bugs : our intent is to solve these before freeze 2
  • Resolved bugs : bugs already fixed or closed during this fix pass