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I would like to conclude with the most important message of this talk : Intent needs you !

As mylyn is known to be very open to contribution, we would really like to put users and external developers in the heart of Intent development.

Our purpose is to make developers write doc and enjoy it, and we really think it's possible with the help of the Eclipse community.

First of all, you can download Intent and give us feedback. Do not hesitate to tell us if you do not believe in this project, and why you don't.

It would be very interesting to provide off-the-shell synchronizers and validators that would help all Eclipse developers. To do so, we will need to determine together what are the best practices and what constraints do we want to define on our softwares.

We are planning to do very frequent releases, so that you can see that your feature requests were considered.

We are also very open on technical contributions :
   - define your own synchronization bridges that fit your needs, we will integrate it to intent
   - provide custom validation rules, if they are generic we will integrate them to the default validation rules
   - implement your own Back-end
   - define your own clients (Orion editor...)