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Project Name Version Download
Accessibility Tools Framework 0.9.0
Agent Modeling Platform [new] 0.9.0
Amalgamation 1.2.0
Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)
C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) 8.0.0
CDO Model Repository 4.0.0
Data Tools Platform 1.9.0
Dynamic Languages Toolkit
Eclipse Communication Framework 3.5.1
Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF) [new] 0.5.0
Eclipse Git Team Provider 1.0.0
Eclipse Gyrex Project [new] 0.10.0
Eclipse Packaging Project 1.4.0
Eclipse Project 4.1.0, 3.7.0
Eclipse Runtime Packaging Project [new]
Eclipse Scout [new] 3.7.0
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project
EclipseLink Project 2.3.0
EMF 2.7.0
EMF Facet [new] 0.1.0
EMF Query
EMF Transaction
EMF Validation
Equinox 3.7.0
Extended Editing Framework (EEF) 1.0.0
Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)
Java implementation of Git 1.0.0
Java Workflow Tooling 1.1.0
Jetty - Servlet Engine and Http Server
Jubula Functional Testing Tool [new] 1.0.0
Linux Tools 0.8.0
Marketplace Client 1.1.0
Maven Integration [new] 1.0.0
MDT UML2 3.2.0
MDT XSD (XML Schema Definition)
Memory Analyzer 1.1.0
Mobile Tools for Java 1.2.0
Modeling Workflow Engine 2.0.0
MoDisco 0.9.0
Mylyn 3.6.0
Object Teams [new] 2.0.0
OCL (Object Constraint Language) 3.1.0
Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) 5.0.0
PHP Development Tools
QVT Operational
Remote Application Platform 1.4.0
Riena Project 3.0.0
SCA Tools 2.2.0
Sequoyah 2.0.0
Subversive - SVN Team Provider 0.7.9
Target Communication Framework
Target Management 3.3.0
WindowBuilder [new] 1.0.0
Xpand 1.1.0
Xtext 2.0.0

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