Congratulations to the finalists! The winners will be annouced at EclipseCon 2015.
The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce the release of Eclipse Paho 1.1 and Eclipse Mosquitto 1.4.
The conference is practially here! Don't forget to register.
Eclipse Luna SR2 (4.4.2) is now available!

Community News

ESF 3.0 is now synchronized with the release of Kura, the open source project within the Eclipse IoT Working Group.
The "Great Fixes for Mars" competition, open now, is offering modest prizes but serious status to community members who ...
German Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider Bosch Software Innovations (BSI) is acquiring ProSyst, a Java- and OSG...
The headline is of course the introduction of the all-new CoreBalanceā„¢ garbage collector after seven years in the maki...

Tools and IDEs

Eclipse is famous for our Java IDE but our C/C++ IDE and PHP IDE are pretty cool too. We also have an impressive collection of add-on tools for software developers.

Community of Projects

Eclipse has over 250 different open source projects. Many know our Java IDE but we also have modeling tools, runtimes, reporting tools and much more. Discover our projects, contribute, and maybe even start a new project at Eclipse.

Collaborative Working Groups

Eclipse Working Groups allow for organizations to collaborate in the development of new innovations and solutions. The Eclipse Foundation is a great place to host new collaborations that follow best practices and are based on open source principles.

Check out how you can start your own working group.