EMF-IncQuery - Downloads

EMF-IncQuery can be installed from the Eclipse Marketplace. You can simply drag the Marketplace button to an open Eclipse install to start the installation.

Update sites

The EMF-IncQuery project maintains different update sites to download from. The various sites contains versions of different stability and are subject of different amount of testing.

Generally, CI and integration builds can contain breaking changes, while milestone and release builds should be stable for use.

As a general rule of thumb, you should use the release (or maybe the milestone) update site, and resort to the integration site only if you need bleeding edge features/improvements and/or you need an 'extra feature' that is not available in a milestone build yet.

Release builds
Milestone builds
Integration builds
CI site - use with caution

Remarks CI builds are executed on every commit, and may contain breaking, untested changes. The contents of the CI site are re-created during every build, so it is not possible to roll back to previous versions. Integration and milestone builds are only kept between releases.

Additional Features

In addition to the core features the EMF-IncQuery project also provides an additional update site with further, experimental features. These features are managed together with the main update site, but as they are less stable, they are not considered part of the EMF-IncQuery releases. As the components stabilize, they will become part of the main repository.

Although these extra features are not considered part of the release, it is recommended to select the site corresponding to the installed EMF-IncQuery version (e.g. for the release site, select the release extra site).

The contents of the update sites are described in more detail in installation wiki page.

Release site
Milestone site
Integration site
CI site - use with caution

Zipped update sites

For offline installations it is possible to download the latest release sites as a zip file. In this case, make sure you have the corresponding Xtext version installed, or download it from the home page of the Xtext project.

To install such a version, download the zip file from below, and add it as a local update site using the Install new software... wizard from the Help menu.

0.7.0 (Xtext 2.4.0)
Main site - Extra Site
0.8.0 (Xtext 2.6.0)
Main site - Extra Site
0.8.1 (Xtext 2.6.0)
Main site - Extra Site
0.9.1 (Xtext 2.7.0)
Main site - Extra Site
1.0.0 (Xtext 2.8.0)
Main site - Extra Site (Contains incubating contents)

Compatibility with older Xtext versions

EMF-IncQuery 0.7 requires the Xtext version 2.4.2 available from the Kepler update site, and does not work with older versions with Xtext. However, for compatibility reasons, a P2 repository was created from the last version that is compatible with Xtext 2.3 (created on the 21st July, 2013). Generally, as this version does not contain all fixes and enhancements of the final 0.7.0 release, it is not recommended to rely on this version, unless you strictly need Xtext 2.3-compatibility.

Update site:
Zipped repository