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Read great articles about Cloud Foundry and Docker Tooling, Buildship, and Automated Error Reporting.
Charter available for the new Eclipse OpenPass Working Group, anticipated to go live July 2016.
Insight into the largest overhaul of intellectual property processes since the inception of the Eclipse Foundation.
Submit by June 30th, and get your talk selected early for EclipseCon Europe!

Community News

Though the IoT universe is a complex polyglot, there is one language in particular dominating IoT.
If you are an Artist or an Eclipse developer, this message is for you!
Red Hat announces partnership deal with Eurotech targeting the management of IoT edge devices.
The new protocol integrates multiple languages consistently across different IDEs and code editors.

Tools and IDEs

Eclipse provides IDEs and platforms for nearly every language and architecture. We are famous for our Java IDE, C/C++, JavaScript and PHP IDEs built on extensible platforms for creating desktop, Web and cloud IDEs. These platforms deliver the most extensive collection of add-on tools available for software developers.

Community of Projects

Eclipse has over 250 different open source projects. Many know our Java IDE but we also have modeling tools, runtimes, reporting tools and much more. Discover our projects, contribute, and maybe even start a new project at Eclipse.

Collaborative Working Groups

Eclipse Working Groups allow for organizations to collaborate in the development of new innovations and solutions. The Eclipse Foundation is a great place to host new collaborations that follow best practices and are based on open source principles.

Check out how you can start your own working group.

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