Wanted: 360 Friends for Helios

Millions of people use Eclipse. Friends of Eclipse allows you to contribute back to the Eclipse community. To celebrate the upcoming Helios Release Train we want to recruit 360 new Friends of Eclipse.

For a US$35 contribution, you can become a Friend of Eclipse. As a special thank you, Friends will get early access to the Helios release, direct from the download server at the Eclipse Foundation. Your contribution will also help support the Eclipse community.

84 / 360 friends recruited.

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous - $50
  • Anonymous - $35
  • Anonymous - $50
  • Anonymous - $150
  • Victor Mote - $35
  • Anonymous - $35
  • Niels Kildeskov - $35
  • Ken Carpenter - $35
  • Larry Johnson - $35
  • Julia Garnett - $35

[1] Friends of Eclipse get special access to the Eclipse Foundation download server. This server will be available to Friends of Eclipse while the download packages are being synchronized to our mirrors. This typically means the packages will be available up to 24 hrs before everyone else. The Eclipse Foundation will also be dedicating extra bandwidth to this download server, so Friends should experience a faster download.