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Eclipse SDK 4.0

Early Adopter Release

Eclipse SDK 4.0 (based on e4 technology) is the next generation platform for building Eclipse-based rich client desktop applications. This new release makes it easier for developers to develop and assemble application and tools based on the Eclipse platform.

The 4.0 release is for early adopters that want to begin taking advantage of the new api's and services. Eclipse tool users are urged to wait for future releases.

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How RCP Developers Benefit

Developers who use the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) will find Eclipse SDK 4.0 makes it easier to build great looking rich client applications. Eclipse SDK 4.0 introduces the following:

  • a new CSS-based declarative mechanism for application styling and a model-based user interface. These facilities make it easier to design and customize an application user interface. This also adds greater flexibility to UI layout, making it easier to make a user interface look different from an IDE
  • a new services-oriented programming model that makes it easier to use discreet application services of the Eclipse platform.
  • better support for integrating web UI components into Eclipse-based applications, including support for OpenSocial gadgets.

Getting Started for RCP Developers

  • Roadmap
  • Tutorials

For Tool Developers

Developers that have built Eclipse tools and plugins will want to start migrating these tools to Eclipse SDK 4.0. Developers will benefit from the following Eclipse SDK 4.0 features:

  • The Eclipse SDK 4.0 supports all of the same APIs and functionality as the 3.6 (Helios) release, but the implementation of the user interface has changed.
  • You should install and run your existing tools on 4.0 to ensure they continue to function as expected.
  • Explore the preliminary e4 APIs and provide feedback to the development team to help shape the future of the platform

Getting Started for Tools Developers

  • Roadmap
  • Tutorials

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