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Helios Reviews

Members of the Eclipse community are invited to write a review of the Eclipse projects being released as part of Helios and to publish the review on a blog, newsgroup or portal. Following is a list of links to the reviews that have been submitted to the blogathon.

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Link Author Date Language
Deepak Azad July 31 English
Going through the Helios Reviews I see that a number of bloggers have said good things about the new features in JDT :) If you have not yet seen the new features of JDT then check out the 10 minute demo I recorded last month.
Shrikanth NC July 31 English
First of all bravo! for the effort especially when i read these lines... from IBM site.. "Helios is the simultaneous release of 39 Eclipse projects. In terms of statistics, the Helios release includes 33 million lines of code developed by about 500 committers from 44 companies."
Vineet Sinha July 30 English
Helios has been out for over a month – and we have been using it. Yes, we are a little biased, but when you are working with and leading teams of 10+ developers you need to be practical. There are a number of things that Eclipse does really well, but there are a few things that we would like to see better.
Stephen Denne July 30 English
For development at work, I downloaded and started using Eclipse Helios packaged for J2EE development, wanting to see what I could stumble upon as new or different, and whether I could recommend it to the rest of my team yet without having to describe a whole lot of changes to our practices.
Miguel Antonio Casallas Tarazona July 28 Spanish
It is no secret that when we need a full server option we have many in the open source world, but it is generally tends to be one of two: JBoss and Glassfish.
Patrick Poon July 27 English
The Eclipse Helios release train has been out for a few weeks now and it’s looking pretty good. Here are some initial thoughts about it.
Reda Abdi July 27 English
As you know the latest eclipse version has been released on June 23, 2010. And for someone like me, who was using Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4), improvements are striking.
Olivier Thomann July 27 French
The Eclipse Foundation released its new annual version in late June. This year, its name is Helios. As usual, the delivery was made on the day it was planned for the 10th consecutive year.
Cedric Brun July 27 English
Eclipse Helios is a release, but it's also a complete development cycle in a global and distributed team of commiters. Since I choose 3 features I especially liked in Helios this kept bugging me: what is Helios to me? Helios will have its place in my memory, not the bits themselves but good things we had as a community.
Zoltan Ujhelyi July 26 English
A month ago the Eclipse 3.6 shipped – again on time. This is another evolutionary release – most components are binary compatible with the older ones, so the time of the migration was roughly equal to the download. All old favorites, such as Mylyn, EMF, etc. are updated, a lot of features were added, that makes development much easier. Some new components are also added, making a strong basis of the Eclipse eco-system.
Zviki Cohen July 26 English
Eclipse 3.6, aka Helios, was released about a month ago. It has become a tradition: this is the time I highlight some of my favorite hidden features in the new release. I focus my article on features which are less obvious, off the beaten path. Features you might not be familiar with if you didn't take the time to read the "new and noteworthy" for this release.
Michael R. Head July 20 English
The latest Eclipse came out on June 23, 2010, and per usual, I'm writing a review to collect a T-shirt in this year's blogathon. The first thing to notice, before even downloading it, there are a couple more packages available.
Aurelien Pupier July 20 English
In this post I’m going to share our experience migrating our RCP product Bonita Open Solution from an Eclipse 3.5.1 to 3.6.0 based platform. There were some issues but we were successful. I will also offer some tips so you can avoid some mistakes and save migration time.
Max Berger July 18 English
Eclipse Helios has a few nice new features for applying patches. In this post I would like to point some of them out.
Peter Hendriks July 18 English
First of all, if you are using any version of Eclipse (3.1-3.6) and are migrating to Sun/Oracle JDK update 21, be wary of this bug: 319514. Basically, Eclipse checks if the VM is Sun to add a "PermSize" flag, but now it is renamed to Oracle and the check no longer works.
Mirko Stocker July 17 English
Many good reviews already cover all the nice new features that are in Eclipse Helios, so I’m going to show you a three annoyances that have been bothering me for years and are still not fixed in Helios. And these aren’t things like the high memory consumption or the sluggish interface.
Max Berger July 17 English
I wanted to write a post about the new Eclipse Helios, which was just released to participate in the Helios Blogathon. So, on my personal machine, I installed the newest JDK (1.6u21), the new eclipse, started it up, tried to work with it and after a few seconds.... It just hangs!
Nitesh Gautam July 16 English
Eclipse has always been my preferred IDE for application design and development. There have always been my interest in new developments going behind the scenes on eclipse evolution. The latest version of Eclipse, named as Helios, has been released this year on June 23, named as Eclipse Helios.
Holger Voorman July 14 English
My neighbor should have been back from Malaysia this summer, but the IT project that's behind his sojourn in these exotic spheres is delayed. The still indefinitely vacant apartment reminds me of how nice my life is. And I’m not referring to the silence next-door, but to the fact that I, as an Eclipse developer, can rely on the 5th Eclipse Release Train arriving on time. For trains, and especially for software projects, this is not yet self-evident even in the year 2010.
Saurav Sarkar July 12 English
This is that time of year, when the Eclipse community comes up with its brand new release. Last year i wrote about Galileo, this time much awaited Helios comes into the limelight.
Maniganda Prakash July 11 English
No more remembering eclipse plugins' url. I know how difficult it is to find the url of each eclipse plugin and install it via ‘Install New Software’. Especially if you are behind office firewall you cannot install those plugins. Eclipse Helios has resolved those problems introducing ‘Eclipse MarketPlace’.
Zviki Cohen July 7 English
Let's start with two, non trivial, claims: (a) native apps are not dead yet (OS native, as opposed to web apps), (b) people prefer the native apps.
Michael Bordach July 7 English
The Riena project team has just released the Riena platform 2.0 as part of Eclipse Helios. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who helped manage this Eclipse Release out the door in high quality and on time again! To dive into Riena’s detailed technical release notes, you may hop to Riena New And Noteworthy. With this post I present a rough overview of new and optimized features.
Miles Parker July 5 English
One of my favorite new features in Eclipse Helios is not really about the Eclipse tools at all but how users get those tools.
Cedric Brun July 5 English
Now that the entire world noticed that I don't know even one thing about soccer and I'm even trying to cheat, I should get back in sharing what I understand instead of those silly forecasts. Helios has been out for a little while now, the mediatic storm is pretty much gone and it's a good time for me to have a look back.
Raghuram Bharathan July 5 English
Helios is the God of the Sun. It is also the codename for the 2010 release of Eclipse, arguably the most popular development environment for java programming language. As a user of Eclipse for the last six years of so, I did not lose time downloading Helios once it became publicly available.
Nanda Firdausi July 2 English
Helios has been released. This simultaneous release includes more projects but many people still regard Eclipse as Java IDE. So in this post, I want to share the most important JDT improvements that I think will be loved by most Java developers.
Prasanna LM July 1 English
Last week Eclipse foundation delivered their 2010 installment i.e., the 3.6 version of Eclipse code named Helios. It was the largest release from Eclipse community so far as it involved 39 different project teams & 33 million lines of code (as per the data available in the official Eclipse web page). Helios comes with lots of new & interesting features and caters to the varying needs of the Software Development community.
Wolfgang Werner June 29 English
Helios comes with an OSGi console that is accessible from the GUI directly. This reminded me of the existence of an API to add custom commands to the console. I found this to be a simple and powerful concept; yet I perceive this feature to be rarely used in practice.
Freddy Allilaire June 29 English
Acceleo 3.0 has just been released and it comes with compatibility with Eclipse 3.4, 3.5 and the latest 3.6 versions. Acceleo 3.0 is a pragmatic implementation of the OMG Model-to-text specification.
Holger Staudacher June 28 English
As part of the new Eclipse Helios, the Rich Ajax Platform project released version 1.3. If you’d like to know what is new in RAP 1.3, here’s a short screencast.
Frederic Mazue June 24 French
Eclipse 3.6, codenamed Helios has just arrived. 490 Eclipse contributors have worked on this release, which includes more than 100 that are independent (as opposed to 900 active contributors) and 44 companies that were involved and collaborate on this open source project.
James Sugrue June 24 English
Yesterday's release of Helios shows how Java developers are now truly spoilt for choice when it comes to IDEs. Following on the NetBeans 6.9 release last week, Eclipse 3.6 is the most complete release so far, incorporating 39 projects.
Pavel Samolisov June 24 Russian
Jan Koehnlein June 24 German
The fact that e4, the next generation of Eclipse, is substantially based on EMF shows the importance of modeling within the Eclipse project. Therefore, it is not surprising that the majority of the 39 participating projects in Helios come from the Eclipse Modeling Top-Level-Project. Let´s take a closer look at some of the more important new features.
Madhu Samuel June 24 English
A year old wait is over. Helios is out in the wild. Today morning, I downloaded Helios. Oops, my friend of eclipse download link got stuck. I went to the download link for the common public - There goes the Helios Modeling Package.
Cedric Brun June 23 French
Eclipse Helios finally arrived after a year of expectation, on June 23.
Ian Elliot June 23 English
The sun has just set on Galileo, the previous version of the Eclipse IDE, and risen on Helios the latest version. It promises to be more stable, but its help and documentation are a big disappointment.
Mitchell Pronschinske June 23 English
With today's release of Helios (Eclipse 3.6), the developers of EGit and JGit have finalized (a week early) version 0.8.4 for the Eclipse platform update. The incubating Git support in Eclipse was ranked #2 among new 3.6 platform additions by developer Ian Bull.
Peter Krogh and Douglas Clarke June 23 English
Andrew Overholt June 23 English
The Eclipse Linux Tools project is pleased to announce our 0.6 release which is a part of the Eclipse Simultaneous Release known this year as Helios.
Webtools News June 23 English
The Web Tools Platform's 3.2 release is now available!. WTP 3.2 adds support for creating, running, and debugging applications using Java EE 6, including Servlet 3.0, JPA 2.0, JSF 2.0, EJB 3.1, and JAX-RS 1.1 technologies, plus deployment to updated server runtimes, and support for XPath 2.0.
Jason Weathersby June 23 English
BIRT 2.6 is now available and with this release many improvements and new features are available. Charting with BIRT has been improved adding support for a Radar/Polar chart type, palette hash patterns, better JPG quality, and improved SVG to PDF support.
Ian Skerrett June 23 English
The Eclipse Helios release is now available for download. Each year I am amazed how the Eclipse community is release on such a predictable schedule. Congratulations to all that help make it happen.
Marc Teufel June 23 German
Helios is the fifth so-called simultaneous release of the Eclipse Foundation. Following Callisto, Europa, Ganymede and Galileo, the Helios release comprises 39 different Eclipse projects – and like every year, both the Eclipse Platform and the Java Development Tools (JDT) are back in updated versions. Let's dive into and have a look at what's new in JDT.
Alex Blewitt June 23 English
The Eclipse foundation today announced the release of Eclipse Helios, bringing 39 different projects to the same station for the seventh annual release train. The Eclipse projects are managed in an agile fashion, releasing seven milestone builds throughout the year and then a number of release candidates in the weeks leading up to June each year. Instead of varying the delivery dates, the Eclipse projects vary the content in each milestone whilst focussing on the quality and backward compatibility.
Ian Bull June 23 English
Two weeks ago I asked you to think about high quality software that has been consistently delivered on-time. Think about software that is used by millions of people world-wide, built by hundreds of developers, free to use and open to everybody and anybody. Think about software that spans domains, runs on the smallest of devices and powers the worlds largest enterprises.
Rainer Weinhold June 23 German
Eclipse 3.6 is now released! I've worked for about a week now with the last RC and am very satisfied. So far everything is stable and above all, the features work on Windows 7.
Pavel Samolisov June 23 Russian
Today the Eclipse development team has promised to collect the first release candidate of the new version of this wonderful IDE and platform. Almost a year ago, I took the trouble to write about what's new in Eclipse Galileo, and now I'll tell you about the new version - Eclipse Helios.
Mitchell Pronschinske June 23 English
It's that time again! The annual updating of numerous Eclipse platform projects and the classic IDE that made it ubiquitous. Eclipse 3.6 "Helios" is more than just a new IDE release, this year it consists of 39 Eclipse projects from SOA tooling, to a 'marketplace' client for Eclipse plugins, to a platform for mobile development.
Paul Davis June 22 English
As a Friends of Eclipse so, it turns out, I'm able to download the latest version, Helios, a day early. The first thing I decided to do was create a new workspace (just in case).
Ian Bull June 22 English
Only 1 more day until Eclipse Helios is release and we are down to my Top 2 features. Over the life of Eclipse (Jeff McAffer tells me that he’s been working on Eclipse since 1999) a lot has changed. Eclipse started its life inside OTI/IBM. In November 2001 the Eclipse Consortium was announced and Eclipse was released as ‘Open Source’. For the next few years Eclipse grew, but was still mostly supported by a few large companies.
Michael Elman June 22 English
Some time ago I have downloaded the JEE edition of the Eclipse Helios RC4. And here comes a review in order to win a Helios t-shirt. I'll start with bugs I found till now. I didn't find many. Continue with features I still miss, and try to end with some positive note about the features I liked.
Ian Bull June 21 English
Well here we are, it’s release week. Eclipse 3.6 — Helios — will be available on Wednesday June 23rd. It also means that I’m into my Top 3 features for this years release. For the past 7 days I’ve been presenting some of the New and Noteworthy features of this years release.
Amit Surana June 20 English
Last year around the same time I blogged about new upcoming release of Eclipse Galileo. An year has passed since then and Eclipse is back again with new version called Helios which will be released on June 23rd. Eclipse as Wayne Beaton says is more than just an IDE. Eclipse initially may have started off as an IDE, but today Eclipse has evolved into a platform.
Rencana Tarigan June 19 Indonesian
It's already been a year since the Eclipse Galileo was launched. The new version of Eclipse is Eclipse 3.6 with the name "Helios". It will be released on June 23, 2010.
Ian Bull June 18 English
As most of you know, Eclipse Helios will be released next week. For regular readers of my blog (and, you know that I’ve been counting down some of the new features available in this release. During this series I have received comments (both in the comment fields, and on places like twitter) that essentially read: I really like Eclipse except it doesn’t have an editor for XYZ. Or, when I get the following package, it has feature ABC which I don’t want. Obviously we can’t please all the people all of the time.
Del Myers June 18 English
There was a recent post by Wayne about how Eclipse is an IDE Platform. For all practical purposes, that is the way that I use it. But what is really awesome about Eclipse as an IDE platform is that it is an IDE platform that just keeps improving.
Ian Bull June 17 English
The official Helios release is less than 1 week away, and we are now into the Top 5 Features that I’m most excited about. Over the past week I’ve been highlighting some of upcoming features of the Eclipse Helios release. These features include: improvements to the Java Development Tools, Plug-in Development Environment, API Tools and the Eclipse Platform. Number 5 on my Top 10 List is: p2 API and the b3 Aggregator.
Sebastian Zarenkow June 17 English
As the Eclipse Helios Release is around the corner I'll use the chance to describe some nice odds and ends in Xtext 1.0. One of which is a newly introduced API that allows to customize the default messages for parse errors and linking diagnostics.
Miguel Antonio Casallas Tarazona June 17 Spanish
Clearly, under perfect conditions a software application would never have unexpected behavior, and would always behave according to guidelines, would never fail and would never have any bugs.
Ian Bull June 16 English
There are three large groups of artifacts that play a key role while writing software. There are the tools you use, the code you write and the libraries you depend on. There is a large body of research studying the cognitive support provided by software development tools. There is also a number of tool centric development models. Facilities like Yoxos and the Eclipse Market Place help you manage these tool chains.
Supriya Thengdi June 15 English
I was just going through the latest build of Helios (eclipse 3.6) and thought a sharing of some new features is in order. For those who haven't heard what Helios is about, I suggest you go through the eclipse helios homepage.
Ian Bull June 15 English
As Eclipse committers, we spend lots of time emphasizing that Eclipse is not just an Integrated Development Environment. Eclipse is a framework, a tooling platform, a collection of run-time technologies, an eco-system, etc… However, at the end of the day, an IDE is the primary use of Eclipse for many people.
Chris Aniszczyk June 15 English
The Eclipse Helios simultaneous release of 39 Eclipse projects and 33 million lines of code showcases the diversity and innovation going on inside the Eclipse ecosystem. Get an overview of several projects, along with resources to find out more information.
Aniruddh Chitre June 15 English
The Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) release is nearing and as always its pretty exciting. The 3.x releases have all added a lot of features which make Java and J2EE development much more easier, exciting and fun. So I decided to try it out and write about some of the new features it has. I primarily use Eclipse for J2EE so my review is more focussed on JDT and Java related features.
Nick Wiedenbrueck June 14 English
The final release of the new Eclipse 3.6 - Helios is coming close on June 23. Here is a short overview of some of the new features for Java developers.
Matt Hicks June 14 English
I've been a user of Eclipse for many years now and when I saw there was a free t-shirt to be had by reviewing the newest release there was only one choice to make. :)

The download is exactly the same as all previous releases but the first thing that struck me was the startup time.
Ian Bull June 14 English
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what defines an Eclipse project? Not in the literal sense (a project hosted at that follows the EDP), but rather, what technical qualities do all Eclipse projects share.
Raja Kannappan June 13 English
There are many interesting features coming up in Eclipse 3.6 code named as Helios . Below, I will discuss about some of these features which I came across.
Christian Baranowski June 13 English
Eclipse Helios is the annual release of Eclipse projects in 2010; this year 39 projects are part of the release. And here is my first contribution to the Helios Blogathon, more details on the Blogathon can be found here. Helios is the code name for this year collecting Eclipse release. The idea of such a release is to be simultaneously release a large quantity of eclipse sub projects at the same time. This gives the user an Eclipse platform with well-coordinated projects, which works together.
Ian Bull June 11 English
Yesterday I asked you to think about high-quality software that has been consistently delivered on-time for eight straight years. To make this quiz more challenging, this software should be installed on millions of users’ desktops.
Wayne Beaton June 11 English
Here are some interesting numbers about Helios. At least I think they’re interesting.

39 Projects are listed on the Helios Participating Projects wiki page (many entries in this table include one or more subprojects);
Ian Bull June 10 English
Pop quiz: Can you name any ‘high quality‘ software that has been consistently delivered on-time, for 8 years in a row?
Wim Jongman June 9 English
In many hotels there is no 13th floor, let alone a room with number 13. Everyone knows that there are 13 steps leading up to the gallows and if you suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia then you don't like Friday the 13th.
Ekke Gentz June 3 English
If you read about my problems about RAP in the IDE from last months, please cool down: this time I’m talking about RAP in the Target Platform as a first Helios review.

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