Run hawkBit

In this guide we describe how to run a full featured hawkBit setup based on a production ready infrastructure. It is based on the hawkBit example modules and update server.

Note: the update server can in fact be run stand alone. However, only with an embedded H2, no Device Management Federation API and no artifact storage.

This guide will focus on a complete setup that includes all hawkBit features.

System Architecture

This guide describes a target architecture that is more like one that you will expect in a production system.



Adapt hawkBit Update Server and Device Simulator to your environment.

As mentioned you can create your own application with hawkBit inside or adapt the existing example app. The second option will be shown here.

Set MariaDB dependency to compile in the update server POM


Configure MariaDB/MySQL connection settings.

For this you can either edit the existing or create a new profile.


Configure RabbitMQ connection settings for update server and device simulator (optional).

We provide already defaults that should work with a standard Rabbit installation. Otherwise configure the following in the of the two services:


Adapt hostname of example scenario creation script

Should only be necessary if your system does not run on localhost or uses a different port than the example app.

Adapt in this case:


or provide the parameter on command line:

hawkbit-example-mgmt-simulator-##VERSION##.jar --hawkbit.url=YOUR_HOST:PORT

Compile & Run

Compile & Run your “production ready” app.

see update server

Compile & Run example scenario creation script (optional).

This has to be done before the device simulator is started. hawkBit creates the mandatory tenant metadata with first login into either Management UI or API (which is done by this client).

However, this is not done by DMF which is in fact used by the device simulator, i.e. without calling Management API first hawkBit would drop all DMF messages as the tenant is unknown.

Compile & Run device simulator (optional).

see device simulator

Enjoy hawkBit with a real database, artifact storage and all interfaces available.