Graphiti "New and Noteworthy" for Eclipse Neon

Last revised May 3, 2016

This document describes the new development topics that were addressed during the milestones towards the release 0.13.0 within the Neon release train.


The main focus for this milestone has been set on fixing bugs.
Bug 492362 A bug that caused an exception when F1 (help) was triggered while direct editing was active has been fixed..


The main focus for this milestone has been set on fixing bugs.
New alternative implementaion for PeService.deletePictogramElement() In cases with large pictogram and or domain models the logic to delete a pictogram element implemented in PeService so far is slow. This is due to checking and updating all cross references. In cases where clients know that there are no such cross references now a new and much faster implementation can be used alternatively. The old implementation is still the default one.
Bug 481619 A bug in PictogramElementDelegate caused an layout manager set in a Platform Graphics Algorithm to be overriden with XYLayout has been fixed.
Bug 486051 A bug in the EmfService object alive check has been fixed.
Bug 487125 A bug in the new plugin wizard extension for Graphite diagram editors has been fixed.
Bug 489834 A bug in the DefaultReconnectionFeature has been fixed that prevented changing the connection end anchor was fixed.
Bug 489681 A bug in EmfService has been fixed. For some URIs a file could not be determined although it existed and was accessible.


The main focus for this milestone has been set on fixing bugs.
Bug 486637 A bug in the documentation on the coordinate systems used by active/inactive shapes has been fixed.


The main focus for this milestone has been set on fixing bugs.
Bug 460485 A typo in a UI text has been fixed.
Bug 481935 A potential NullPointerException in GaServiceImpl has been fixed.
Bug 481936 A potential NullPointerException in DiagramChangeListener has been fixed.
Bug 481994 A bug has been fixed that caused in patterns implementing custom undoable functionality that e.g. instead of postRedo redo is called. There were several wrong delegations in this area that were fixed and might cause slight differences in behavior in rare cases. Minor API behavior change!


The main focus for this milestone has been set on fixing bugs and incorporating a contribution.
Direct Diagram Export Graphiti now supports to export any diagram without the need to hav a diagram open in an editor, view or plain composite. The functionality can now be triggered programmatically and included in non-graphical parts of Graphiti-based tools. The digram will be rendered using the associated diagram type provider and tool-provided functionality (e.g. images and platform graphics algorithms) in case the tool is installed in Eclipse. In case no diagram type provider can be found for a diagram (e.g. because the tool is not installed) a default one will be used; of course, in that case any images or platform graphics algorithms cannot be rendered and a dummy image or shape will be rendered. This change comes with a minor API enhancement.
Bug 480961 A potential NullPointerException in ScrollingGraphicalViewer has been fixed.


The main focus for this milestone has been set on fixing bugs.
Bug 473087 A potential ClassCastException in diagram loading has been fixed.
Bug 477083 A bug in transaction reuse handling has been fixed. Read-only transactions and transactions owned by other threads will not be used any more.
Bug 477132 A potential stack overflow in diagram update has been fixed.
Bug 477420 A potential NullPointerException painting the diagram grid has been fixed.
Bug 477421 A potential SWTException in the font cache handling in combination with scaling has been fixed.
Bug 477526 A potential NullPointerException in the Graphiti GEF change handling has been fixed.
Bug 477659 A potential NullPointerException in the editor default refresh behavior has been fixed.


The main focus for this milestone has been set on fixing bugs.
Bug 441676 The read-only state of EMF resource files is now respected on saving the editor. Errors that happened during the save are displayed in a popup; clients may override and react to such errors in a more suitable way. Minor API enhancement.
Bug 470038 A potential NullPointerException in DiagramBehavior on unregistering listeners has been fixed.
Bug 470150 A potential NullPointerException in DiagramBehavior adaptation mechanism has been fixed.
Bug 470455 A bug causing problems in creating connections when the top shape has no anchor has been fixed.
Bug 472219 ImageServices now handles bundleentry and bundleresource urls correctly.
Bug 475133 A potential NullPointerException in ShapeEditPart while creating edit policies has been fixed.
Bug 475240 A bug in the undo/redo handling of Graphiti has been fixed.