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  • Creation of the TCS Zoo posted 29‑09‑2007

    Creation of the TCS Zoo: a library of languages implemented in TCS.

    Each language is defined in a Language Project, which makes use of KM3 to capture the abstract syntax, and of TCS to define the concrete syntax of the language.

  • July 13th, 2007 - Free tutorial - "Practice of model transformation and model weaving with ATL, AMW, and TCS" posted 05‑07‑2007

    The INRIA ATLAS team organizes in Nantes (France) a day essentially dedicated to the practice of model transformation (ATL) and model weaving (AMW) tools. This day is intended for ATL and AMW beginners who want to improve their knowledge in the domain. The tools are available in open source under Eclipse and a previous minimal experience with ATL is recommended.

    The participation to this day is free of charge but the inscription is mandatory. The number of available places being limited (~15), the inscription's requests will be treated depending on their arrival order.

    The tutorial takes place the 13th of July 2007, from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 18h. The inscription's requests have to be sent as soon as possible to Hugo Bruneliere (Hugo DOT Bruneliere AT univ-nantes DOT fr).

    Please provide us in your request the basic information such as your name, company, phone number, etc. According to the number of available places, an answer will be sent to you including more details concerning the course of the day.

    The tutorials will be either in French or in English, depending on the audience. All the slides will be in English and will be provided to the participants at the beginning of the day (slides non-available outside of the tutorial).

    The goal of this day is to provide a practical point of view on Model-Driven Engineering (MDE). By following numerous examples and use cases, you will discover how to:

    • Refine models in order to target a specific execution platform;
    • Make tools and norms interoperable;
    • Build, at low cost, domain-specific languages (DSLs);
    • Define chains of transformations and integrate them in a workflow.

    Each of these points will use on or several tools of the Atlas Model Management Architecture (AMMA) tool suite, with in particular:

    • Atlas Transformation Language (ATL): a model transformation language and engine;
    • Kernel MetaMetaModel (KM3): a metamodel definition language;
    • Atlas Model Weaver (AMW): a model weaving prototype for interoperability and traceability;
    • Textual Concrete Syntax (TCS): a model textual syntaxes definition language;
    • Atlas MegaModel Management (AM3): a modeling artifact management prototype in order to facilitate the model-driven development (collaboration, distribution, etc).

    All these tools are available from the Eclipse foundation website ( ). ATL is a component of the model-to-model transformation project (M2M).The others are available as components of the GMT project. GMT has the goal to provide an incubation area for innovative projects related to model engineering. M2M and GMT are parts of the top-level modeling project gathering the model engineering activities of the Eclipse foundation.


  • Creation of the TCS component posted 25‑06‑2007

    Creation of the TCS component under GMT.

    TCS (Textual Concrete Syntax) is an Eclipse/GMT component that enables the specification of textual concrete syntaxes for Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) by attaching syntactic information to metamodels. With TCS, it is possible to parse (text-to-model) and pretty-print (model-to-text) DSL sentences. Moreover, TCS provides an Eclipse editor, which features: syntax highlighting, an outline, hyperlinks, and hovers for every DSL which syntax is represented in TCS.

    More details are available here:

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