Appendix D. Roadmap

This appendix documents features on the Gemini Blueprint roadmap. The design of these features specified here is subject to change. As a most up to date source, please see our issue tracker.

D.1. Start Level Integration

A future release of Gemini Blueprint may offer the following additional guarantee with respect to application context creation and start levels:

Application context creation happens asynchronously. However, the extender bundle does guarantee that the creation of all application contexts for bundles at start level n will be complete before the creation of any application context at start level m, where m > n. Care must therefore be taken not to introduce any mandatory dependencies on services exported by bundles with higher start levels or a deadlock will be introduced.

In a similar vein, when shutting down the extender bundle, application contexts at start level m will be shut down before application contexts at start level n, where m > n.