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GEF Documentation

Apart from the provided reference documentation and the new and noteworthy of each release, there are several articles, tutorials, and presentations contributed by the community. A bunch of examples may also help to understand the frameworks.

New and Noteworthy

Information about what is new and noteworthy in each release can be found on the New and Noteworthy page in the GEF wiki.

User Documentation

User documentation for the Cloudio and DOT end-user tools is provided through the Cloudio User Guide and DOT User Guide.

Developer Documentation

Developer documentation for adopters and contributors is provided in the Reference Documentation wiki page.

Articles, Tutorials, Slides

Several (external) articles, tutorials, and slides can be found on the Articles, Tutorials, Slides page in the GEF Wiki.


Examples demonstrating the usage of the framework components are provided in bundled and unbundled form. Please refer to the Examples page in the GEF wiki for details.

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