Galileo Reviews

Members of the Eclipse community are invited to write a review of the Eclipse projects being released as part of Galileo and to publish the review on a blog, newsgroup or portal. Following is a list of links to the reviews that have been submitted to the blogathon.

See details on the Galileo Blogathon

Link Author Date Language
Vasanth Velusamy July 31 English
Deepansh Pandit July 31 English
Pablo J. Rogina July 30 English
Radoslaw Urbas July 30 English
Olivier Thomann July 30 French
Darko Kalinic July 29 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 28 English
Nanda Firdausi Muhammad July 27 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 27 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 27 English
Mateusz Miracki July 24 Polish
Ekkehard Gentz July 23 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 23 English
Eric Rizzo July 21 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 21 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 21 English
Torquato Barbosa de Lima Neto July 20 Portuguese
Zviki Cohen July 20 English
Peter Hendriks July 19 English
Shaolin Cheung July 18 Chinese
Jeanne Boyarsky July 17 English
Alexandra Niculai July 17 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 17 English
Michael Rupp July 16 German
Ekkehard Gentz July 16 English
Vera Wahler July 14 English
Jin Mingjian July 14 English
Nitesh Gautam July 13 English
Juliano D. Carniel July 12 Portuguese
Ekkehard Gentz July 11 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 11 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 10 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 9 English
Zviki Cohen July 8 English
Rene Groeschke July 7 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 7 English
Marc Teufel July 6 German
Ekkehard Gentz July 5 English
Rodrigo Urubatan Ferreira Jardim July 5 Portuguese
Ekkehard Gentz July 4 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 3 English
Michael R. Head July 3 English
Ekkehard Gentz July 1 English
Darek Zon July 1 Polish
Ekkehard Gentz June 30 English
Ekkehard Gentz June 30 English
Gordon Hopper June 30 English
Saurav Sarkar June 29 English
Jose Nunez June 29 Spanish
Ekkehard Gentz June 29 English
Ekkehard Gentz June 28 English
Alexander Culum June 28 English
Oleg Tikhonov June 28 English
Ekkehard Gentz June 27 English
Madhu Samuel June 27 English
Michael Elman June 27 English
Sebastian Pietrowski June 26 English
Mark Cappel June 26 English
Paul Davis June 26 English
Bertrand Braux June 26 French
Sven Efftinge June 26 German
Ekkehard Gentz June 25 English
Rencana Tarigan June 25 Indonesian
Markus Kuehle June 25 German
Benoit Goudreault-Emond June 25 English
Schalk Neethling June 25 English
Emanuel Graf June 25 German
Alex Blewitt June 24 English
Rafael Lossurdo June 24 Portuguese
Casey Marshall June 24 English
Lorenzo Simionato June 24 Italian
Mirko Stocker June 24 German
Ed Burnette June 24 English
Ian Bull June 24 English
Markus Junginger June 24 German
Zviki Cohen June 24 English
Ekkehard Gentz June 23 English
Ian Bull June 23 English
Gary Thompson June 23 English
Sebastian Bauer June 23 German
Ian Bull June 22 English
Aurelien Pupier June 22 English
Dave Carver June 22 English
Heiko Seeberger June 22 German
Zhongbo Li June 22 Chinese
Ian Bull June 21 English
Ian Bull June 20 English
Ian Bull June 19 English
Stephen Denne June 19 English
Samuel Fleischle June 18 German
Ian Bull June 18 English
Ian Bull June 17 English
Ian Bull June 16 English
Ian Bull June 16 English
Christian Baranowski June 15 German
Ekkehard Gentz June 15 English
Cedric Brun June 15 English
Hiroki Kondo June 15 Japanese
Amit Surana June 13 English
Ankur Sharma June 13 English
Ryan J. McConough June 12 English
Aurelien Pupier June 12 English
Rencana Tarigan June 12 Indonesian
Chris Aniszczyk June 11 English
Michael Brown June 11 English
Clemmens Muessener June 10 English
Madhu Samuel June 10 English
Lars Vogel June 10 English
Hendrik Still June 8 English
Martin Ahrer June 8 English
Ze Jun Wang June 7 English
Tom Schindl June 6 English
Rainer Weinhold June 1 German
ZhouMeng May 31 Chinese
Zviki Cohen May 27 English
Nick Wiedenbrueck May 26 English
Pavel Samolisov May 19 Russian