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Members of the Eclipse community were invited to write a review of the Eclipse projects being released as part of Europa and to publish the review on a blog, newsgroup, or portal. Following is a list of links to the reviews that were submitted.

Link Author Date Language
Peter Hendriks 7/31/2007 English
I've been using Eclipse 3.3 for a while now, and I've been getting that common feeling again: missing all kinds of little features when switching back to an "old" Eclipse based tool. There is all kinds of stuff I really like.
Juliano Carniel 7/31/2007 Portuguese
Como todos sabem o eclipse 3.3 (aka Europa) lançou a algumas semanas atrás (eu sempre atrasado) e está bem legalzinho. Com algumas firulinhas a mais e com uma carinha mais "clean" eu achei =)
Andy Riordan 7/31/2007 English
I have used Eclipse for over 1 year, mainly for developing C++ applications on Linux. In Callisto, I had learned to do without auto-completion because it took about 40 seconds or more on average to get the menu to come up.
Rodrigo Jardim 7/31/2007 Portuguese
Bom, eu ja havia comentado sobre o Eclipse 3.3 aqui e aqui, mas devido a esta noticia, e a mania “nerd” de utilizar este tipo de camisetas, eu resolvi escrever este review …
Bruno Leroux 7/31/2007 French
Disponible depuis le 29 juin 2007, Eclipse 3.3 s'accompagne de la sortie simultanée de plusieurs autres projets de la fondation. Cette approche a été inaugurée pour Eclipse 3.2 avec une livraison simultanée portant le nom de code 'Callisto', cette année le nom de code est 'Europa'.
Zviki Cohen 7/31/2007 English
Eclipse, the most popular development platform for Java developers, is about to release version 3.3, dubbed Europa. I've been an avid Eclipse user for more than 4 years and I like seeing the platform evolve. Eclipse today is much more than it was 4 years ago. The RCP is a real alternative for developing rich cross-platform desktop applications.
Lukasz Dywicki 7/30/2007 Polish
Odyseja kosmiczna 2007

Zastanawiałem się kiedyś skąd twórcy Eclipse biorą nazwy dla kolejnych wydań.
Venu K. 7/30/2007 English
Eclipse 3.3 code named Europa was released few days back and this annual released featured a simultaneous release of 21 projects. I took Europa for a test drive and it feels much faster than Callisto (Eclipse 3.2)
Carlos Goncalves 7/30/2007 English
The new Eclipse 3.3, released in 29th June under the codename Europa, is the 2007 coordinated release of 21 Eclipse projects.
Javier Fernandez 7/30/2007 English
As part of the R&D department in my company, I spend some of my time in quest for tools to make our developer’s life easier.
Rajesh Kumar 7/26/2007 English
I use Eclipse mostly at work, where we build web applications and web sites.

I'm currently doing a lot of work on a transactional Java application.
Ron Charron 7/25/2007 English
Where to go for MDD and DSL?

On one of my recent projects, I was given an opportunity to look into tool options for Capability Requirements Development, Model Driven Development, and Domain Specific Languages.
Weijian Fang 7/23/2007 English
Eclipse Europa is the annual release of Eclipse projects of 2007. Here are some of my experience about it. Since I am using WTP mostly, my experience is mainly concerned with WTP.
Litrik De Roy 7/21/2007 English
Eclipse has always been a platform where a lot of work went into the details (usability and visual design). The new 3.3 release is no different.

The last couple of weeks quite a few reviews of the Eclipse Europa release have popped up.
Paul Davis 7/20/2007 English
I've recently taken th plunge and upgraded my Eclipse environment from Callisto (3.2) to Europa (3.3).

One of the first things I noticed is a significant improvement in performance. My machine isn't a lightweight by any stretch but, Eclipse 3.2 definitely used some resources. Now that I am using the newer version, things flow much faster.
Brian Doyle 7/19/2007 English
Eclipse Europa is out. I have it on my work laptop, the home dev box, the work computer, and now on the Missus roving celebrity web checking machine that is the laptop around the house.

This is a IBM T23 ThinkPad that I picked up on ebay for 200 bucks.
Vince Leonty 7/14/2007 English
One of the powerful aspects of Eclipse is that when a developer gains a familiarity with working in one perspective, it is fairly easy to adjust to another perspective.
Forrest Humphrey 7/12/2007 English
I’ve recently been playing around with a beta release of Eclipse Europa, specifically the Dynamic Language Toolkit (DLTK). The DLTK is a really nice jumping-off point for those already familiar with the Eclipse environment and wanting to learn a dynamic language.
Michael R. Head 7/9/2007 English
The new Eclipse release is out. I had missed it, but maybe that says more about what I've been doing lately than anything else (I haven't touched any Java or C code in a few months).
I've been using Eclipse for quite a long time. I've written a few plugins here and there and watched the platform grow and evolve.
Tom Seidel 7/9/2007 English
Because I have already read many reviews that dealt with Eclipse 3.3 as a tool or IDE, I want to take up the the aspects of RCP Development with Eclipse 3.3. It is to notice that I am using Eclipse 3.3 since the M5 Release because of the Eclipse UI Form enhancements.
James Pasley 7/5/2007 English
There are so many features available within the eclipse platform that it’s hard to get time to try them all out. However, the release of Europa this week provides a good opportunity to make some new release resolutions.
Bruce Scharlau 7/5/2007 English
Eclipse has done another 'big bang' with another of Jupiter's moons. Last year many sub-projects of Eclipse timed their releases all to one date as 'Eclipse Callisto'. This year the same happened with 'Eclipse Europa'. Given that Eclipse continues to gain momentum this is quite impressive.
Cay Horstmann 7/5/2007 English
When Eclipse Europa was released on June 29 (together with the iPhone and the GPL 3 license), I wanted to know if it did anything about one of my many pet peeves: tool support for writing JSF apps.
Ian Bull 7/4/2007 English
I have had the pleasure of using Europa for the past 8-10 months. Of course it was not called Europa the entire time (Eclipse 3.3 Milestones with several milestone plug-ins attached). I have now come to depend on several of these new features and here is a list of my Top 10 Europa Features that I Cannot Live Without!!!
Darin Swanson 7/4/2007 English
or me it is rather hard to accurately review the Eclipse Europa release as it is kinda old news for me. As an Eclipse and Jazz developer, I have been happily absorbing and adapting to the Europa changes and progression for the last year...since the 3.2 release in June 2006. It gets really hard to remember what is new and what is not.
Hongchang (Ken) Lin 7/3/2007 English
BIRT 2.2.0 is one of 21 open source project releases included in Eclipse Europa. It delivers lots of new features and improvements. Following, I would like to give a review on some of them very briefly.
Vojimir Golem 7/3/2007 English
The Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers is a simultaneous release of Eclipse Projects for Java Enterprise Edition.
This post is first in the series of screencasts about the Eclipse Europa release. It shows how to use the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers to create Java persistent entities from database tables.
Markus Wahl 7/3/2007 Swedish
Med Eclipse 3.3 kan du få stavningskontroll av strängar och kommentarer i dina java-klasser. Själv tycker jag att det även vore önskvärt med stavningskontroll av variabelnamn, metodnamn och klassnamn etc. Än så länge kontrolleras bara strängar och kommentarer.
Xiang Li 7/2/2007 English
Last Friday, Eclipse 3.3 (code name Europa) was released. As an enthusiast for Eclipse Framework, i cannot wait take a first taste. From my point of view, the most attractive feature, besides other numerous improvements, is the integration of Mylyn, a task focus tool.
Lars Vogel 7/3/2007 English
Eclipse community has shipped a major release on schedule.
Europa features 21 Eclipse projects for software developers and is more than double the size of last year’s record-setting release.
Nick Efford 6/30/2007 English
Eclipse Europa became available to the world on 29 June, and I’ve spent a few happy hours exploring what it can do.
My standard Eclipse set-up consists of the Eclipse SDK, DTP and the Derby plugin for database-related stuff, WTP for web-related stuff, Subversive for version control and PyDev for Python programming.
Schalk Neethling 6/30/2007 English
Junyan Ma 6/30/2007 Chinese
Eclipse Europa is the Eclipse projects' 2007 release version (last year was Callisto).
Yawolf Chang 6/30/2007 Chinese
I've been hoping for today, when Eclipse Europa is officially released, for a long time.
Sven Kubiak 6/30/2007 German
Programmierer von heute brauchen, neben fundierten Kenntnissen, eine visuelle Programmierumgebung, kurz IDE. Für unzählige Programmiersprachen gibt es unzählige verschieden IDE’s, mit unterschiedlichem Funktionsumfang. Wäre es nicht schön, eine IDE für alle zu haben?
Thomas Einwaller 6/29/2007 English
Today Eclipse Europa was released. Eclipse Europa is the name for Eclipse IDE 3.3 and a set of other compatible Eclipse projects. With last years release Callisto the Eclipse team tried to make it easier for users to find the right plugin versions for their Eclipse installation.
Adam Thomas 6/29/2007 English
The final release of the Eclipse IDE, code named Europa, has just been released today. The blogosphere is buzzing about the new features and functionality that make this release possibly one of the best ever shipped by the Eclipse Foundation.
Chris Aniszczyk 6/29/2007 English
With the simultaneous release of 21 projects this year, the Eclipse Europa release marks a significant improvement over last year's release train of 10 projects. Get a brief overview of each of the projects associated with the Europa release.
Mirko Stocker 6/29/2007 German
Endlich ist es so weit: Nach einem Jahr wurde soeben der neuste Eclipse Release namens Europa freigegeben. Den Download gibt es hier, vielleicht braucht es aber ein wenig Geduld, da der Ansturm bestimmt gross sein wird.
Holger Funke 6/29/2007 German
Unter dem Namen Europa veröffentlicht die Eclipse Foundation am 29. Juni um 15.30 Uhr europäischer Zeit eine neue Version ihrer offenen Entwicklungsplattform auf ihrer Website.
Markus Junginger 6/29/2007 German
Eclipse 3.3 Europa ist am 29. Juni erschienen und steht zum Download bereit. Wie zuvor Callisto, ist Europa das gleichzeitige Release mehrerer auf einander abgestimmter Unterprojekte. Waren es deren 10 bei Callisto, so sind es inzwischen 21 Eclipse Projekte.
Ma Qin 6/27/2007 Chinese
My schoolmate compared Eclipse to a nuclear detonation.
Lucy Bi 6/27/2007 English
Eclipse is my old friend from 2.0 to 3.3 M7. As my tasks are working on Eclipse plug-in project, I use Eclipse everyday. Of course, I witness how Eclipse is more and more powerful.
Frank (Xiong) Zhang 6/27/2007 English
Eclipse 3.3 is near release. As a Java/Eclipse developer, I’ve used Eclipse for almost two years. In this article, I’d like to tell my experience using Eclipse platform. Of course, I’ll only describe the differences between 3.2 and 3.3.
Zhongbo Li 6/26/2007 Chinese
In a nuclear detonation, the most magnificent sight is that mushroom cloud.
Mike Wiesner 6/24/2007 German
…oder zumindest gibt es ein simultanes Release verschiedener Eclipse-Projekte, wie das schon zuvor mit Callisto durchgeführt wurde. Es geht dabei hauptsächlich um die Eclipse-IDE, bei der es ja mittlerweile eine vielzahl von Plugins gibt, welche jeweils verschiedene Release-Zyklen haben und daher auch nicht immer zusammen passen.
Nick Boldt 6/23/2007 English
Much like Ian's post the other day, I've always wanted to blog that line. Anyway, it's been brought to my attention that of late I've been apparently posting less-than-positive things about Eclipse, so to balance that out, here's my top three cool UI features in Eclipse 3.3, in order from oldest to newest.
Richard Gobeli 6/19/2007 English
The Code formatter is a very good adddition to the CDT 4.0 project. It comes with 4 predefined code styles: K&R, BSD/Allman, GNU, Whitesmiths.
Starting with one of the predefine styles you can create your own code style.
Flavio Tordini 6/19/2007 Italian
Ho scaricato il release candidate della nuova versione di Eclipse, nome in codice: Europa. E’ difficile descrivere Eclipse, data la vastità del progetto.
Benoit Goudreault-Emond 6/18/2007 English
OK, so it looks like I can win a t-shirt doing an Eclipse Europa review, and it happens that I've been using it since M7 (the last release before RC0). So, even if I don't get a t-shirt, I'll post this, because I'm a nice guy and I want people to benefit from my living on the bleeding edge.
Curtis Windatt 6/18/2007 English
I swear I'm not just doing this for the free shirt. With only 2 weeks to go until it is released, I figured it was time for me to get a taste of Europa.
The coolest thing about Europa is that it should make it easy to install a large number of tools.
Sam Fleischle 6/16/2007 German
Klingt nach einem Heimspiel und wenn das kein Erfolg wird: Am 29. Juni ist es soweit: 21 Eclipse Projekte veröffentlichen neue stabile Releases. Darunter zu finden sind Eclipse 3.3, Mylyn 2.0 (ehemals Mylar) und Web Tools Platform 2.0 (WTP).
Rainer Weinhold 6/16/2007 German
Genauer gesagt kommt in 13 Tagen Eclipse Europa, also die Version 3.3 herraus! Noch Fragen?
Letztes Semester durfte ich mal wieder kurzzeitig mit Visual Studio 2005 arbeiten und war doch erstaunt wie unproduktiv das ist.
Kiu Liu 6/16/2007 English
Eclipse Europa is coming, and my project will go to the end of game phrase soon,celebrate!! I work with a company which is a parnter of Eclipse community. By leveraging Eclipse, we speed up the simultaneous development of our new product development with Eclipse's release.
Manuel Bogner 6/15/2007 English
I’m testing the new Eclipse Europa since version M1. Yesterday I installed version RC4. Herse some comments about the new version. If you want to download an try on your own:
Christian Baranowski 6/15/2007 German
In einigen Tagen wird die neue Eclipse Release erscheinen (ab Heute 15.06.07 noch 14 Tagen). Sie trägt den Codenamen Europa. Bei Europa ist es wieder wie letztes Jahr bei Callisto, eine Menge an Projekten bringen am gleichen Tag ihre Release heraus.
Felipe Lang 6/15/2007 English
Eclipse Platform
Improved workspace switching: switching between workspaces is now quickly and more efficient, since it allows to copy the workbench layout and the working sets, keeping the style of the workspaces consistent.
Arun Kumar 6/14/2007 English
21 Projects... One gathering... Eclipse Europa... One of the huge Annual release is happening 16 days from The Next Total Eclipse now.. Adobe released its Suite of products, Oracle is planning on its Fusion release and Eclipse is bringing up 21 Projects to all of us.. So whats the difference?
David O'Meara 6/14/2007 English
I have never really had the opportunity to be the cutting edge guy. Hey, like to get the latest tool occasionally and have a play, but we usually lag behind in technology at work and are forced to stick with the safe and secure option.

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