Epsilon Forum

Epsilon has a dedicated forum where you can report problems and ask questions about the languages and tools it provides. Questions are typically answered within a few hours, and no post has ever gone unanswered.

Important: If you're encountering unexpected behaviour (e.g. runtime errors, unexpected output) with one of your Epsilon programs, we strongly encourage you to submit a minimal example alongside your post which will enable us to reproduce the problem and provide a timely response.

Connecting using a newsgroup reader

As an alternative to the web interface, you can use a newsgroup reader (e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook Express) to monitor the forum. To do this, you need to first get a username and password by filling in this form (this small inconvenience is necessary to prevent spam).

Once you have received your username and password you can connect to the newsgroup that underpins the forum by configuring your newsgroup reader with the following details:

  • Server: news.eclipse.org
  • Newsgroup: eclipse.epsilon

Where is the newsgroup?

The forum is just a web-based front-end for the existing NNTP newsgroup, so if you are already reading/posting to the newsgroup via a newsgroup reader, there's no need to change anything.