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Epsilon 1.x


Ready-to-use Eclipse distributions containing a stable 1.x version of Epsilon and all its mandatory and optional dependencies. You will only need a Java Runtime Environment.

Version Location
1.5 (Once you have downloaded the 1.5 distribution, please update Epsilon from the update site below to version 1.5.1, which contains a fix for a regression that affects the properties view of Exeed.)


The development tools of Epsilon come as a set of Eclipse plugins and therefore, unless you download one of the ready-made distributions above, to install Epsilon you need to download and install a Java Runtime Environment and Eclipse first. The Eclipse Modeling Tools distribution contains most of the necessary prerequisites for Epsilon 1.x. See this page to find out which modeling tools distribution matches the version of Epsilon you wish to install.

Update Site

You can use the following update sites through the HelpInstall new software menu in Eclipse to install (parts of) Epsilon. Please untick the Show only the latest versions of available software check box, as shown below, to reveal older versions of Epsilon.

Site Location


Dependency Update Site Notes
Emfatic None.
GMF Tooling Install Graphical Modelling Framework (GMF) Tooling SDK. Required for Eugenia.
QVTo Versions of QVTo >= 3.9.1 should all work with with GMF Tooling

Archived Update Sites

Below are also links to compressed versions of the Epsilon update sites for long-term archival and to support users who are behind corporate firewalls.

Site Zip Archive

Source Code

The source code of 1.x versions of Epsilon can be obtained by checking out the respective tag listed under (e.g. for 1.4)


Older versions of Epsilon JARs are available from Maven Central. Note that prior to 2.0, the structure was different (less modular). For instance, to use the epsilon-core JAR from your pom.xml: